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  • Yeah, Mhm.

  • Here's J.

  • J.

  • Watt breaking in his own news earlier this afternoon.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, he is going to the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Adam Schefter reports that the three time defensive player of the year will get a two year, $31 million deal with 23 million guaranteed.

  • First things.

  • First, he's joining Chandler Jones, Chandler Jones, J.

  • J.

  • Watt one and two in the National Football League in sacks since the start of the 2012 football season, so their defense is real.

  • The pass rush, which was number four in the National Football League this past season, is gonna be even more ferocious this upcoming season.

  • Then we get to the offensive side of all DeAndre Hopkins, a former teammate of his in Houston, Texas Colin Murray is no scrub.

  • Oh, by the way, that makes their offense just as potent as it was.

  • Obviously, because J.

  • J.

  • Watt doesn't play offense, they do.

  • But that's beside the point.

  • They're a better team now.

  • You got them in the NFC West, which makes the NFC West arguably the most interesting, if not the most ferocious division in football with San Francisco with Seattle, with the Los Angeles Rams going to get very, very interesting.

  • Now, I personally wish that JJ White had gone to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Join his brother, T.

  • J.

  • And Derek, and call it the Watch family Pittsburgh Steelers, For crying out loud, I personally think that as long as he didn't go to the Browns, which would have been an act of betrayal, I'm cool with it.

  • He went to the NFC conference.

  • Things are going to get very, very interesting.

  • What a start.

  • Joining the rest of the crew in Arizona.

  • We'll see what they do this upcoming season.

  • If you're in Houston, Texas, now that you let J.

  • J.

  • Watt go let him out of that prison because that's what the hell of Texas organization seems like right now.

  • How about doing the same for the Shawn Watson?

  • I'm just saying nothing would be wrong with that.

  • Get multiple first round picks.

  • Maybe another quarterback.

  • Try it.

  • Either way, you slice it.

  • J.

  • J.

  • Watt is gone.

  • He's no longer in Houston.

  • He's in Arizona, and I suspect he's very, very happy.

Yeah, Mhm.

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Stephen A. reacts to J.J. Watt signing with the Cardinals | Stephen A’s World

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