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  • in this video, we're going to show you the basics of selling on posh mark like how to list an item message buyers and send offers.

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  • First look into your account or sign up for free on posh mark dot com from the top right.

  • Select cell on Posh Mark and you'll be taken to the listing page.

  • We're going to list a pair of sneakers.

  • First, upload photos of your product here.

  • All your photos will need to be of a square 1 to 1 ratio next to title type in a description of the product.

  • Be sure to include keywords that your buyers are likely to search for to maximize the chances of them finding it.

  • You can write a longer description and out more details here from the drop down next to category, select the appropriate one and then choose a subcategory.

  • This is where your product will be listed.

  • When someone is browsing posh Mark.

  • Fill in the remaining fields to finish describing your product.

  • Yeah, yeah, add the original price of the item here or, if you don't know it, put down an estimate you can set your listing price here.

  • You'll need to round this to the nearest dollar.

  • Uh huh.

  • Posh mark Charges are $2.75 fee for selling items for $15 or less.

  • It charges a 20% fee for everything over this price.

  • Your earnings made after their charges will be shown here.

  • Click Next to Continue.

  • You can share your listing on other social platforms Here.

  • Click on List this item to finish.

  • If your item isn't selling, you can lower the price after it's been listed.

  • Go to the top right corner of the screen and then hover over your profile.

  • Picture from the drop down.

  • Click on my closet to see your listings.

  • Mhm.

  • Click on the item and it's selling.

  • Page will appear, then go to Price drop.

  • A pop up window will appear.

  • Choose edit Listing price.

  • To change it, you can use the price drop calculator to reduce it by a certain percentage.

  • To do this, click on price drop and then select the reduction you want.

  • You'll see your new earnings from the price change indicated here to confirm Click Submit Yeah, you can send offers to specific accounts that have liked your products.

  • To send an offer, go to my closet and open your listing.

  • Underneath the listing.

  • Click on the users who have liked your product to find the account you want to send the offer to.

  • Their profile will appear.

  • Click on the Drop down Arrow next to their profile name and then select switch to sell.

  • View a list of all the items The account as light will appear here.

  • Click on the shopping bag icon under each item to add them to the offer.

  • When you finished, click offer to proceed.

  • Type in the amount you want to ask for here and then choose the shipping discount option you want.

  • Your net earnings will be calculated and shown here.

  • Click submit.

  • To send the offer, you can send messages to accounts.

  • Once you send them an offer, open up their profile.

  • If you're currently in buy mode, click on the drop down arrow next to their name and choose switch to sell view.

  • The offers you sent them will be shown here underneath an offer.

  • You can add a comment here, type the outside and then they use the name to tag them.

  • Type the message you want and then click send.

  • They'll receive a notification in their news feed straight away.

  • Once your item has been sold, you receive a notification from the top right click on the news icon on the news page, you'll see that a user has purchased your item on their profile photo.

  • Here, you'll see a small dollar sign to indicate that they have paid for your item.

  • You'll also receive an email notification.

  • When you sold a product on Posh Mark attached to the email, you'll find the shipping label for your product.

in this video, we're going to show you the basics of selling on posh mark like how to list an item message buyers and send offers.

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How To Sell On Poshmark

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