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  • New Orleans, where Drew Brees is 42 years old and everyone's expectation is that he's going to announce his retirement.

  • And then he posts this video of himself working out like crazy.

  • What you see here putting the peopling sled all over the place and all the rest of that, and I will repeat what I said yesterday, like if the truth is he's going to come into broadcasting and that means that we're all of us in broadcasting and have to start working out like that.

  • I have a major problem with this.

  • I'm not okay with it at all.

  • But Cam Jordan again, I think from the outside, all of us have expected or are expecting that.

  • Drew Brees has played his last game as a teammate.

  • When you watch that video, what is your expectation?

  • Um, nothing as a teammate.

  • When I see this video he's working out.

  • That doesn't tell me whether he's in quarterback shaped football shape or any type of shape.

  • I mean, doesn't Brett Farve still work out?

  • Doesn't Donovan McNabb still work out of Donna McVitie?

  • If Donovan McNabb gets under the bench press right now and you know puts up to 25 for 15.

  • But we say, Oh, the Cannons back.

  • He's ready to release one.

  • I mean, we all have a speculation until Drew decides to make a decision.

  • I'm gonna take that withdrew.

  • Just being Drew.

  • I don't think Drew hasn't worked out every day since.

  • You know, the last time he took a break was probably before he was a boilermaker.

  • You know he's going to work out every day.

  • That's the type of guy Drew is.

  • He's going to work out.

  • He's gonna keep his body right.

  • He's gonna keep his mindset right.

  • And when he decided to make his decision, that's when I react.

  • When you know, I see every speculation going.

  • I've had to go 10 years of, you know, speculation, though he is.

  • He getting too old, you know, because when I couldn't believe he was 32 he just come up.

  • You know, he just won a Super Bowl a couple years before they were sitting at 32.

  • He he's a little older now, sitting at 42 or about 3 43.

  • you know the world has there their own decisions to make, But until Drew says something I'm just gonna sit here and let the analysts analysts analyze.

  • You guys do what you guys do best, and I'm gonna sit here with my bag of popcorn.

  • You said, Let's go or No, I'll be here.

  • I'm good with that.

  • And again if he wants to work out, that's all.

  • Good.

  • Now, can someone get the man an elliptical?

  • I mean, you know, sort of got to run on a treadmill.

  • Do we need to be pushing tackling sleds all over the place?

  • Marcus, how about it?

  • I mean that.

  • Is that just normal?

  • Working out for a 42 year?

  • I was a 42 year old man once.

  • I never did that.

  • What do you think, G is not normal working out.

  • But you remember, I've worked out with you, and I know you'd be dead.

  • I'd have to call the paramedics for you if you didn't work out.

  • Like we just watch what Drew Brees did.

  • The bottom line is this, though, like I know.

  • Look, Cam is Drew's guy, and they've been on the team together, drew out of them.

  • I can say it came saying Let the analysts analyze.

  • Well, dammit, I'm analyzed drew about the chunk.

  • The Deuces Drew is getting ready to get that body right to put them suits on in the booth next year and talk about Cam bawling out against somebody else.

  • That's what he working out for.

  • Plus, he just wants to look good.

  • He trying to trying to continue his trend of staying in football shape without it.

  • Obviously, I didn't I didn't care about pushing the sled When I got done.

  • I didn't want to look like I played football anymore.

  • I wanted to look like I was on TV, so ESPN decided to give me a check.

  • I decided to come on this television and try to look as good as I possibly could in the suits that don't involve pushing the sled.

  • So I see how everybody could get excited.

  • But like Cam said, Drew is one of those guys he's gonna work out just to work out.

  • Just to be in shape.

  • Where I'm from, you don't do that.

  • You eat just to eat so you can enjoy eating.

  • You don't work out to work out to enjoy working out.

  • Bottom line is this.

  • Drew Brees is about to go to the booth cam join.

  • Gotta say what he's saying because that's his teammate.

  • He want to be respectful to Drew, But Drew is pushing the sled so he can look good in them $2000 suit he's about to be wearing in that booth when he's talking about football next year.

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New Orleans, where Drew Brees is 42 years old and everyone's expectation is that he's going to announce his retirement.

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