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The average person sees more than five hundred ads every day.
Very few of the women in those ads look like people we see in our everyday lives.
So maybe it's time to change the way we look at women.
Change the way you look at women
Why does it feel so different to see pictures of realistic women?
Why aren't we seeing women we recognize?
And why wasn't I paying more attention to this before?
Where are the women who sweat through their femininity,
girls who build things for others who can't,
mothers who wanna learn from their children?
When we condone airbrushed faces and photoshopped bodies, what are we saying about ourselves?
That our strengths aren't strong enough? Our feelings not deep enough? Our cheers not loud enough?
If all the women we see in ads look the same, what illusion are we promoting for our daughters?
Maybe we should start by seeing women we can relate to, ladies with style who aren't afraid of their ideas,
experts who revolutionize their fields, girls who fight for our country.
Let's see women doing the things that women really do.
Let's appreciate the beauty of overcoming real struggles.
Let's see more women like those we know, who make us laugh,
who will just sit with us after a long day, who aren't afraid of their strength.
Maybe all we need to do is look around to remember that the women in our lives carry beauty of all kinds,
and that beauty is worth seeing
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Change The Way You Look At Women

53987 Folder Collection
Laura Hung published on April 6, 2015
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