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  • if these three just get on the court altogether.

  • You know, it's not even the defense anymore.

  • Their defense came along so fast, it's absurd.

  • They went from the worst ever to fairly decent, like in a week in a blink of an eye.

  • And they're destroying the league without K d.

  • KD comes back, they stay healthy.

  • The only team in the East.

  • Maybe the Sixers can give them some burn or some run.

  • And in the West, maybe the Lakers.

  • Maybe the Jazz.

  • But, oh, they're close to already being favorites to win the whole thing.

  • Well, you know how I feel about it.

  • I think that Brooklyn is going to be the team to beat.

  • Unless unhealthy Anthony Davis comes back 100%.

  • I think the Brooklyn Nets are going to be the team to beat.

  • That's just where I'm at.

  • But in terms of what's my biggest concern is right now, I'm gonna say it's Kyree.

  • Irvin Kyrie Irving's missing 11 games.

  • I understand they sat him out.

  • Whatever.

  • Why are you sitting down?

  • I see.

  • I see James Harden out there all the time.

  • James Harden, Say what you want, even when you know like Like you know, I forgot who it was talking about.

  • He put on a fat suit or whatever the case would be.

  • His first game in Houston.

  • He dropped 40 for, you know, before he was ultimately traded.

  • James Harden is a dude night and night out.

  • He is showing up to play.

  • And I guess what I'm thinking about is Kyrie Irving.

  • He signed last year.

  • He goes to Brooklyn the first year there.

  • You without Kevin Durant.

  • He played 20 games.

  • We understand he got injured, played 20 games.

  • He comes back this year.

  • Uh, you know, he needs a break and needs a sabbatical.

  • Okay, He's going for a few games with seven or eight games, you know, overall, now it's 11 games.

  • I'm just saying Night and night out.

  • James Harden is there.

  • Kyrie needs to be on the court as much as he can possibly be on the court to continue to showcase his greatness and to develop and build upon that chemistry with James Harden because it's going to be necessary Once the playoffs roll around.

  • We understand why KD is out.

  • We totally get that I do not get.

  • I understand he ain't 100% I guess, because it showed her what I just missing 11 games or whatever.

  • I don't like when I see Kyrie Irving missing games because I don't think it's necessary he should be out of.

  • I agree.

  • I agree.

  • I agree with both of your points, but I am going to say this.

  • I'm a little concerned about Kevin Durant and his help when you when you talk about him coming back from the Achilles injury.

  • Now he has a hamstring injury.

  • Uh, you know, I'm just worried about him making sure that he get enough repetition, uh, making sure that his body is going to be able to hold up the whole season, especially in playoff time.

  • And by doing that, he's got to be on the court, and I know you can't rush him back and you got to be very, very cautious.

  • But him having this hamstring injury just goes to show me a few.

  • One thing in particular that he was putting a lot of pressure elsewhere to really protect the Achilles.

  • So I'm concerned about Katie not overly concerned, But I do have some concerns, and I want you Katie back where he's back on the court.

  • Get those quality repetitions back so that he could have that low.

  • I'll be able to maintain that load for us on his leg.

  • So that's my concern.

  • And the reason why I would throw Kyrie above Kevin Durant K P is because knowing Kevin Durant is out, you should want to be on the court with hardened even more.

  • Why leave hard and hanging?

  • Be out there with them?

  • I think we're approaching the All Star break and these guys have their eyes on the prize and they're getting a little extra rest right now.

  • I understand that.

  • I think they got the long haul in mind.

  • Remember, Kyrie took a break prior to that early, very early to see.

  • As long as he plays like he's been playing, he could take breaks like been on fire.

  • But you got to be on the court.

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if these three just get on the court altogether.

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