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  • ROCKY: Hey there, Dino News fans!

  • Today we're going to explore what's hot and what's not

  • in our brand new segment, "Tiny Talks Fashion."

  • TINY: Thanks, Rocky!

  • Did you guys know that flowers are all the rage

  • in Cretacia this season?

  • MAZU: And that the Cretaceous Period

  • was the first time in history

  • that flowering plants started to grow all over the world?

  • BILL: And some of those plants are mighty tasty!

  • Mmm, these flowers are the yummiest things I've eaten

  • since the last thing I ate.

  • ROCKY: Then there are the plants that think we're mighty tasty.

  • Whoa! Agh!

  • It licked me!

  • TINY: Tasty or not, flowers can turn a blah dino

  • into an ooh-la-la dino!

  • BILL: I'm not sure ooh-la-la is for me.

  • TINY: Okay, maybe leaves are more your style.

  • Here's a nice little hat I made for Rocky out of leaves and mud.

  • Yah! Yeoww!

  • Oops. Wow. This thing's pretty heavy.

  • Oops. Maybe I added a little too much mud.

  • But you look good!

  • Thanks. I just need a little practice.

  • TINY: Or how about this leaf makeover I did for Archie

  • when he lost his feathers?

  • He went from featherless...

  • to fabulous!

  • BILL: Tiny, your fashions are all the buzz!

  • MAZU: Speaking of buzz, bees are one of the reasons

  • flowering plants took over during the Cretaceous period.

  • Bees spread flowers' pollen, which helps them grow.

  • BILL: Thanks, bees. Now stop chasing us!

  • (All screaming)

  • TINY: You want to stand up to those bees with a tough look.

  • Check out my design for a leaf cape for Giganto!

  • ROCKY: And why not accessorize it with a mask?

  • BILL: Rocky! That's so you!

  • ROCKY: The superhero look.

  • What all the cool kids are wearing!

  • TINY: Of course, Giganto looks good in flowers, too!

  • - MAZU: Don't we all? - BILL: I guess we do!

  • MAZU: Flowering plants.

  • In the Cretaceous Period they helped dinosaurs thrive.

  • ROCKY: And to look our best.

  • BILL: Does this make a good hat?

  • TINY: We'll work on it.

ROCKY: Hey there, Dino News fans!

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Flower Fashion | Gigantosaurus: Dino News | @Disney Junior

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