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  • Yeah, mhm a myriad of different settings, all helping the nation to achieve one goal.

  • Protect us from the virus.

  • And early data from the real world suggests that the vaccines are making us safer.

  • Both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are reducing the likelihood of hospitalizations by 80% following an interval after just one dose.

  • And the death rate amongst those over 80 who were among the first to be vaccinated is falling faster than those under 80.

  • This shows in the real world across the UK right now that the vaccine is helping both to protect the S and to save lives this variant.

  • But caution is still the watchword with the news that the so called Brazilian variant has arrived on our shores.

  • It maybe more resistant to vaccines.

  • And England's deputy chief medical officer wants us to be patient.

  • As we await the full rollout of the vaccines.

  • There's a lot to look forward to.

  • It's very tempting to just go right.

  • We've seen the results.

  • That means the problem's fixed.

  • Um, the problem isn't fixed yet, but we definitely have identified a way of fixing the problem and the early data show us how to do that and where to advance from here.

  • And so the government's roadmap for England, which has a target of ending all social restrictions by Midsummer's Day, will be introduced carefully.

  • Each step to open up will only be taken if the science allows.

  • What we're doing is embarking now on a journey one way road map to freedom, and it's designing design, ID Lee, cautious in order to be irreversible.

  • That's what we're hoping to achieve.

  • And some people say we should go faster.

  • Some people say we should be more hesitant.

  • I think we're going at the right pace, are famously boosterish.

  • Prime minister is sounding upbeat but acting with uncharacteristic caution because he wants this to be the last lockdown.

  • One of his aides told me.

  • Yes, there is good news on the vaccines, but we are constantly scanning the horizon because this virus has a habit of springing nasty surprises.

  • Scientists are hopeful, but warning us to be on our guard.

  • This vaccination program will go down in history as one of mankind's greatest achievements in science and infectious diseases.

  • I firmly believe that, but it's not a panacea, you know.

  • There will be stumbling blocks ahead.

  • I think the the beauty of it is that we've got in the UK are science base or surveillance base of public health basis in a position where we need it to be to deal with that and so I think we should be optimistic.

  • But mindful that there could be problems ahead, the SNP is worried that the UK government may have undermined the fight against new variants by only obliging arrivals from so called at risk countries to quarantine in hotels.

  • I think the concern about just having such a limited red list approach to quarantine is simply that we do already know that the Brazilian and South African variants are already in many other countries, so you can have someone who's coming who is carrying it and you simply don't know that.

  • The other aspect is simply that there will be parts of the world where there isn't much genomic testing and variants will emerge and we won't know anything about them, and therefore it is safer to put people into managed quarantine in a hotel.

Yeah, mhm a myriad of different settings, all helping the nation to achieve one goal.

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Covid19 UK: What impact will the Brazil variant have? - BBC Newsnight

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