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  • is it B s or we'll talk.

  • Let's start with John Wall and the Rockets took a 49 point home loss to the Grizzlies last night.

  • It was the largest win in franchise history for Memphis.

  • Yeah, I would think so.

  • Wall was asked about the loss after the game and simply said this blank, blank, blank.

  • Terrible.

  • I'm not gonna say I'm not going to say any of it because I'm not getting here.

  • I'm not getting fine.

  • Like Marshawn Lynch.

  • Um, yes, a real talk.

  • That's 100% real talk talk.

  • I think this team, you know, after James left, they wanted to show that there are worthy team it can do, and they played well for a little while.

  • But I think reality set in.

  • Christian Woods Injury Departing with DeMarcus cousins Don't be surprised if this is a completely rebuilding mode post trading deadline, because you can still get something.

  • Victor OLADIPO A lot of teams are talking about P.

  • J.

  • Tucker.

  • This team can look completely different at the end of the trade deadline.

  • I think that they are one of the teams that could be really terrible down the stretch, but make the post season next year, right?

  • I I think they are.

  • I think you get Christian would back.

  • He has a summer they can build out.

  • They can get some assets for some of these guys that a lot of people want.

  • You're gonna get a top five draft pick and then all of a sudden you could be out of rebuilding mode.

  • So I think Houston still in the spot where this is just could be a small window of terrible basketball and then they could be back next.

  • I love the walls bounced back.

  • So I'm just happy for you individually because he's been through so much the last two years as far as trying to get his body back on the court.

  • Absolutely.

  • And your point about the trade deadline is interesting because this is a year with the playing tournament.

  • You have more teams that are going to at least stand pat, even if they're not buyers.

  • They're not gonna be sellers because they think they can get in at least two a playing game.

  • And you have teams, frankly, especially the Eastern Conference, who have not been in the playoffs in a long time.

  • So getting that play in spot means something to them, so they're not gonna be sellers in the same way.

  • So if you're Houston and you can be a seller and was reported over the weekend, the Victor Oladipo turned down a contract extension.

  • So he's an expiring and is definitely someone who might see moving out there.

  • Uh, the could be in an advantageous position because they're not gonna be as many sellers out there.

  • Which means Tucker's been his new contract for two years and it hasn't happened.

  • So he's not happy either, So we'll see what happens.

  • All right, let's move on to the Warriors because also got blown out.

  • Lakers did that last night.

  • Steph Curry was asked after the loss.

  • He's well aware the Warrior Championship run has made them a target.

  • Take a listen.

  • We have to remember, even when we're playing well, we won three in a row.

  • You know, teams still want to beat us and beat us bad.

  • They still have, you know, a lot of, uh, memories from the last 56 years.

  • Let's clarify There he meant games, not championships.

  • Three in a row.

  • B s a real talk.

  • Real this really is the realist talk I've heard in a long time.

  • I mean, people took what that dynasty run personally because they were stomping on people and taking names that whole entire time and dancing and celebrating winning championships.

  • People don't forget that you know so any until they right this ship, people gonna take pride and trying to beat the Warriors down every single night.

  • And one thing that we we gloss over because the game has changed.

  • Remember all of the turning around and high fiving each other because stuff is that good of a shooter like ninety's basketball players, early 2000 players, that would have been a fight that 100% being a fight.

  • But the rules are changing.

  • All that stuff is good and find other players are doing it.

  • And that's where he's taking point, though, because back in the day you could So So the point is, they were doing some quote unquote, historically disrespectful stuff on the court and whooping you, and there's nothing enough backing it up.

  • So now that you're down Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

  • We're gonna put that gas pedal.

  • I don't care how far you are down, we're going to keep that gas pedal.

  • And when I say that he was doing disrespectful stuff is not.

  • That's part of the game like it's cool is a bat flip.

  • It's whatever.

  • But 20 years ago, 10 years ago remember it, they would not never been allowed.

  • So there's still a little some old heads in this game that want to put it on him.

  • For for the show.

  • Matt, What was the flip for you?

  • Because you both played against those championship teams and then you played on one of those championship teams in terms of experiencing how the league saw them from the inside and outside.

  • It was frustrating because you couldn't really do nothing with them.

  • You can get as mad as you want.

  • But Steph, Clay, Katie and Raymond orchestrating you were at their mercy.

  • And like I said, everyone remembers that and getting a chance to join it and see it.

  • It's even funner being on that.

  • Yeah, you know what we're doing?

  • Some of that disrespectful stuff has a warrior jersey on.

  • They're going to be a target.

  • Yeah, that is true.

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is it B s or we'll talk.

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