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  • our buddy Torrey Smith tweeted with Chandler meaning Chandler, Jones and JJ.

  • Russ is really going to ask for a trade if they don't bolster up that offensive line.

  • If you actually think about the defenses in that division now, the Rams, obviously with all those guys on that front line there particularly Aaron Donald, you've got now San Francisco.

  • If they get healthy with all those guys Nick Bosa and crew coming back.

  • And now this 12 punch in Arizona.

  • That's where you are, Cam Jordan, you're in Arizona.

  • What was your reaction yesterday?

  • What are you hearing about JJ Watt choosing the cardinals?

  • Um, look, this was fun for me.

  • I just sort of sit back, you know, with with free agency pending, uh, for a lot of players, I sit back and just eat my popcorn and watch what happens.

  • Because it's fun to see, you know, not only fans, but analysts have every idea of where you can go.

  • And then, of course, he comes up with the source me being a part of the Red Sea.

  • Um, and of course, you know, he had been linked to Pittsburgh.

  • He had been linked to the Browns he had been linked to.

  • You know, every other team.

  • Um, and then all of a sudden, he comes up with the Cardinals.

  • Uh, it's like it's like everybody had their own idea.

  • Until they realize, you know, this is back when, uh, you know, J.

  • J.

  • Watt was and one of the greatest draft class ever in 2011, Um, everything to everybody else because I just am biased like that.

  • But, you know, that's where we trained.

  • We trained out at what is now Exxon's out, uh, Cave Creek, Arizona, and it looks like he's coming back to his training ground.

  • Uh, draft class, 2000, 11 routes.

  • So, Graziano, we had put him in a lot of other places based on the chances of winning in Green Bay based on playing with his brothers in Pittsburgh in the end, and there's nothing wrong with this.

  • He went to the place they could afford to pay him the most money.

  • That feels like the way this thing played out, Dan, it does two cams point.

  • It was a tough day, you know, for those of us who report on the league because everybody was wrong about where JJ might go.

  • But sometimes you miss, It's okay.

  • I thought he'd end up in Green Bay personally, but they didn't have the cap space.

  • Arizona obviously did, and they made a big play for him.

  • This is big money.

  • Remember, this guy was supposed to make 17.5 this year from Houston.

  • Non guaranteed.

  • Now, this contract for Adam Schefter is going to pay him 23 million guaranteed over the next couple of years, so that's a big win for him.

  • Arizona's got some other free agents on defense that they have to try and bring back.

  • You know, Patrick Peterson, Hassan Reddick.

  • Guys like that, but they thought they could bring in J.

  • J.

  • Watt.

  • Put him in the interior, kind of unlock the pass rush even more.

  • Chandler Jones, as great as he's been with a strong interior pass rush, can only be even better.

  • Another thing I'm sure Cam can speak to as well, but Arizona thought this was a play worth making in a tough division, and they think it sets him up tough.

  • I think is an understatement, Marcus.

  • I think it's the best division in football right now.

  • If you look at it from top to bottom, and many of us look at it and say, You know, he chose a team that could wind up being third or fourth in that division.

  • Or could they stunned the world?

  • More surprising things have happened.

  • Marcus Spears than Kyler Murray turning it on in Year three.

  • And that team shocking the world.

  • Give me your first guess with J.

  • J.

  • Watt in Arizona.

  • How good are they going to be?

  • They're gonna be very good, G.

  • Um, not only because of his skill said Look, he has familiarity to advance Joseph, which I think played into this and how they want to rush The passer advances real, um, electric with his blitz packages.

  • But with JJ, you don't have to send extra guys.

  • Make sure better defense when you can commit guys on the back end.

  • Um, defensively in that division with now Stafford and Russell Wilson and Jimmy G potentially coming back for San Francisco.

  • So he's a He's a big upgrade.

  • If Colic can get back to form when he was from when he was injured to playing at the M V P level early in the season like he was.

  • That makes them formidable in their division, let alone talking about a playoff berth.

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our buddy Torrey Smith tweeted with Chandler meaning Chandler, Jones and JJ.

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