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  • All right, let's bring in Uncle P.

  • Paul Pierce.

  • He's in Studio 34 out there in L.

  • A.

  • Uncle Pete.

  • What's up?

  • The truth first.

  • Got to give a Gatorade bath for the NBA championship game.

  • Okay, you're looking real wavy out there, and you've got a huge responsibility for our midseason awards.

  • And this is probably the most important award we're going to give away tonight.

  • It's the top three players that remind Paul Pierce of Paul Pierce.

  • You ready for that uncle piece?

  • Absolutely.

  • We're gonna start with the top three players that remind me most of me.

  • I'm gonna start off with the Boston Celtics.

  • Jayson Tatum, just because Look at his silky, smooth game.

  • He reminds me of a younger version of me.

  • He gets a shot off any time he wants to.

  • He got to step back.

  • He asked three.

  • He can get to the basket.

  • Finished with strength, athleticism, mid range.

  • That's one guy that definitely reminds me of myself.

  • We're gonna go to the next guy, Jimmy Butler.

  • Pure toughness.

  • That's something I believe I brought to the game night in and night out.

  • You know, it's gonna be a long night No matter how much more talented you were than me, it didn't matter.

  • You weren't gonna outwork me cause I'm gonna bring that hard hat mentality every single night.

  • And that's what Jimmy Butler brings and last on the list, and people are probably going to get mad at this.

  • But the people who are going to get mad at this really didn't follow my game.

  • It's Luca Dunkin.

  • Yeah, I probably wasn't the past, but check it out, if you will.

  • His offensive game.

  • There's not a spot on the floor he cannot get to.

  • I know he's not the most athletic.

  • He's not the fastest, but check this out.

  • He gets his shot off every single time any time he wants.

  • And that was the best part of my game.

  • Wasn't the fastest, wasn't the most athletic, But I trust me I can get my shot off on anybody.

  • And the last thing is, he's clutch.

  • There it is.

  • Okay, here's my beef, though.

  • Uncle P.

  • Luca dance, which is a walking triple double and you average three assists during your career.

  • That's the only thing.

  • So, do you have anything you're saying?

  • The way he scores the ball.

  • The way he scores the ball and say I'm playing for the way he scores the ball reminds me exactly it all the way.

  • So I want to give my guy Paul Pierce some love and somebody that took a lot of those buckets from him.

  • I'm gonna go.

  • Each person that he mentioned, Number one.

  • Jayson Tatum has to play under his jersey and under his banner.

  • I would like to see him go to the free throw line more.

  • Jimmy Butler is willing to give up the ball.

  • Paul Pierce shooting that thing.

  • Paul Pierce shooting that thing.

  • He ain't hesitated.

  • What Jimmy is defensively.

  • Paulie is offensively and Luca.

  • I like what he's saying about how they move in their body.

  • Types like I ain't mad at that and Paul Pierce has more game winning shots.

  • Then Michael Jordan let it be known.

  • Listen, Uncle Pete, there's a reason why you have your own studio.

  • There's a reason why you have your own list that remind yourself of yourself being Jalen.

  • I'm just here, so thank you so much for joining us.

  • Thank you guys.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

All right, let's bring in Uncle P.

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Paul Pierce gives out the 'Top 3 Players Who Remind Me Most of Me' awards | NBA Countdown

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