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  • Gary.

  • I'm Home.

  • Gary Gary Beer.

  • Gary Gary.

  • Have you seen Gary?

  • No.

  • Nope.

  • Not Kerry's been snail mapped who lives in a pineapple under the sea sponge Bob Square pants in his latest adventure, the SpongeBob Movie Sponge.

  • On the Run, we learn more about SpongeBob's faithful companion, Gary the snail, who has gone missing.

  • His mysterious disappearance prompt SpongeBob and his friend Patrick to set off on an epic journey far beyond bikini bottom.

  • They must explore a wacky world featuring Keanu Reeves, jilting thrills and plenty of candy coated treats that will appeal to any audience.

  • Here's everything you need to know before you watch the SpongeBob movie Sponge on the Run, Capturing the cheerful chaos of childhood in the guise of a friendly sea sponge and his friends, Sponge Bob Square Pants quickly gained an audience of loyal viewers when it first premiered, viewers were attracted to the happy antics and adventures of the optimistic and resilient sponge Bob Square pants, who loves to try new things and always looks out for his friends and neighbors in the community known as Bikini Bottom.

  • The animated comedy made its first appearance on television in 1999 The show, which was created by Marine biology instructor turned animator Stephen Hillenburg, drew upon the knowledge of the creator about sea life.

  • But the show spotlighted the wackier aspects of marine creatures, which made the series much more palatable to younger audiences they could learn while being entertained by the show's delightful creatures.

  • The series became a smash hit worldwide.

  • There's no way out stuck in the middle of nowhere with SpongeBob and Patrick.

  • Well, this is the end.

  • The success of the first three seasons of the series led to the first film, The Sponge Bob Square Pants movie, which was originally intended to conclude the show We're Alone.

  • However, the characters were so popular that the series has continued until this day.

  • Like the first movie, the second film followed the animated characters into a live action world.

  • The crew pursued a thief who had stolen something valuable from their undersea world.

  • The new movie starts before the television series and promises to answer questions about the origin of Sponge Bob Square pants.

  • Yes, he's still a porous sea sponge, But how did his friendships with other characters begin?

  • And how did the beloved Gary the Snail who lives with SpongeBob and moves like a cat get involved with the spunky sponge.

  • And perhaps most importantly, how did SpongeBob come to where his signature square pants veteran animator Tim Hill, who helped develop the original series and also co wrote the first big screen version, wrote and directed this film.

  • He has also held several other popular animated films, like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Garfield.

  • A Tail of Two Kitties.

  • So he understands what is needed to make an enjoyable and successful feature length animated film.

  • Familiar voices who will be returning include all the principal cast led by Tom Kenny as SpongeBob Square pants Bill figure Baki as best friend, Patrick star Rodger Bumpass as the lovable grumpy Squid word Tentacles, and Clancy Brown as restaurant owner Mr Crabs.

  • And the film isn't just for Children.

  • In addition to the familiar voices, were also promised the presence of Keanu Reeves, Aquafina, Snoop Dogg, Danny Trejo, Tiffany Had Ish and Reggie Watts.

  • The film will makes live action footage with the animation, which is being presented in C.

  • G.

  • I.

  • This means those of you who remember the show from when it first began can enjoy the nostalgia of clever and comic characters, all appearing in shiny new modern surroundings truly the best of both worlds.

  • So now you know.

  • And now you can go watch the SpongeBob movie Sponge on the run on digital platforms, including Fandango, now starting March 4th.


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