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  • I've heard the rumors now, and I want to make sure that you understand that the city of New Orleans is a place for you and your beautiful family.

  • I'm LaToya Cantrell, mayor of the city of New Orleans.

  • And I know Mr Wilson, that you will be a great addition to the New Orleans Saints.

  • And more importantly, I can see us in that number within that Super Bowl championship once again.

  • And what else I can see The Mrs Sierra Wilson herself on that main stage during the historical Essence Festival, just wanted to stop in to let you know that we not only admire you, we we want you love you, man.

  • Okay, so she did that.

  • So then the mayor of Seattle responded by tweeting.

  • I love you, Mayor.

  • But keep your eyes off of Russell Wilson.

  • His home is Seattle.

  • And so, you know, Seattle is in the market for an NBA team.

  • Don't make me go there.

  • So we have now reached this stage in the process.

  • Who saw this coming?

  • So it has gotten ludicrous, but delightfully so.

  • So Dan Orlovsky, I asked you this question several weeks ago, and I'm going to ask it again.

  • Are we now living in a world where we have to be prepared for Russell Wilson to get traded?

  • Granny, we are now living in a world where we should be prepared for anything in the NFL.

  • That's my number.

  • One point.

  • We all got to change the way that we're looking at this offseason when it comes to quarterback willingness when it comes to movement or team's willingness, when it comes to salary cap hits or whatnot, we all need to change the way that we think is this is a new NFL.

  • Now I really look at this situation.

  • It's one of two things in Seattle.

  • This is either about Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson being unhappy with him.

  • Or it's about Russell Wilson's long term Brandon legacy.

  • Make it simple.

  • If this is about Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks fire Pete Carroll, sit down with Russell Wilson.

  • What happened?

  • Why it happened, And who do you want moving forward If it's about Brandon Legacy.

  • If this is about Russell Wilson trying to become the NFL's Magic Johnson, and 20 years from now his mind is already made up one more year in Seattle will not change that it would flip to the organization, then they would have to look at and go.

  • His star is brighter than it's ever been.

  • We need to move and act fast to get as much as we can.

  • For Russell Wilson, Mike, give me a sense of what you're doing right now if you're in the middle of this somewhere, if you are not the mayor of the city.

  • But let's say the general manager of a team that is interesting are the phones working right now on Russell Wilson 100%.

  • If we're in Chicago, for example, and where Ryan pays the general manager of the Chicago Bears.

  • I'm calling John Schneider the GM of the Seahawks and Pete Carroll, and I'm not getting off the phone.

  • If I can get Russell Wilson, who is only 32 who has another 5 to 7 years of great play, that may say my job, this could be this year's Tom Brady.

  • A year ago, Jason, like gm of the Bucks on the ropes, Tom Brady comes in.

  • The rest is history.

  • I am doing everything I can within reason and then some to get Russell Wilson.

  • This is a rare rare opportunity, and Dan's right.

  • The whole narrative has changed.

  • But if I'm desperate for a quarterback, there is no price that is too high.

  • And it should be pointed out that, quite literally, his price is not very high.

  • 70 million over the next three years.

  • So he is a bargain by current NFL superstar standards.

  • But we do need one level head in the group this morning, and that belongs to Kimberly Marten Kimberly.

  • As you talk to people around the league, what is the expectation green?

  • Even thing I hear from everyone is Russell isn't going anywhere.

  • But where there's smoke, there's fire.

  • And that doesn't necessarily mean that the CLC ox will trade him this year.

  • But the fact that Russell's unhappiness has now, uh, leaked into the public sphere that that we're privy to what the issues are behind closed doors because, you know, there may have been chatter over the last couple of years about how he you know how they draft, how they go after free agents, how they how he's been protected with his own line.

  • But now we have teams now.

  • There are actually four teams that Russell either through his camp has put out and said, Hey, these are bad options.

  • So as my T is saying, if you're one of those teams, you better pick up the phone because the CLC ox may not trade him, but at least have to try.

  • That is a really important point to make to make sure that everyone in the audience is clear on this.

  • These names weren't leaked.

  • His agent on the record, gave them to Adam Schefter.

  • And so I will say again, Dan Orlovsky, if you're married to someone and that someone says, Yeah, I'm happy right now, but I have a list of four people that I will marry in the event this thing goes sideways.

  • We have a problem.

  • Yes, we already have a problem.

  • Yeah, Seattle already has a problem.

  • That's that's my point.

  • Like Russell, Wilson's mind is likely already made up.

  • This is not just he's just using the vehicle of I want more power or I've been hit too much to really get what he truly wants.

  • He wants to go to a bigger market.

  • He wants to be appreciated for how great of a player he has been.

  • Remember this is nine years of high level quarterback play, not a single M V P vote, very little M v p discussion.

  • And the Seattle Seahawks need to understand he's just coming off his best season ever as a player.

  • And if his mind is made up that this is about 20 years and the Russell Wilson brand, then they're going to have to seriously sit down and consider trading.

  • Russell Wilson.

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I've heard the rumors now, and I want to make sure that you understand that the city of New Orleans is a place for you and your beautiful family.

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