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Yo, what's up world
It's your boy Philochko here
And I am still a little sick
But, because of all the messages I have received
on my vk page, I am going to try make one today anyway
And I am very busy tomorrow, working filming a TV show
So I have to make one tonight
cus I won't be able to make one until Friday
so, let's get to it
these are basic English tips
now let's start with greetings
you know you say hello to someone when you first meet them
you say "please to meet you" all that's fine
But I want to get to something that people don't say anymore
and I want you to learn how we actually say it here in america
like you say "hello how are you"
hello is fine, but no one really says how are you anymore
so next time instead of how are you,
you can say something like,
"how you doing" or "how have you been"
or "how's it going"
any of these are better than saying
how are you
it's old and outdated
and you will sound like a foreigner if you say them
next tip
now we are getting to the next tip
sometimes when I speak to people
they tell me things such as you know
your videos are super, you know
you know and it makes sense
it's proper English but no one really says super anymore
so let's say you see a really nice car
driving by, you were with your friend
we won't say, you know, "oh that car is super"
no, we will be like
"yo that car is sick"
that car is sick
or "yo that car is crazy"
yo that is crazy
or say something like, "yo that car is nasty"
now of course nasty and sick mean bad thing
in proper English
But in slang, it's a good thing
when you are talking about inanimate object
like a car, a bicycle, a house
you don't really want to refer people as sick or nasty
unless it's something in which they are doing
so I am a good basketball player
like LeBron James
when it comes to playing baseball
he is a sick basetball player
because he's nasty at playing basketball
but he's not a sick person or a nasty person
next tip
now to expressing yourself to a person you may be attracted to
so you know, sometimes
people may be saying, hey I like your smile
or I like your voice
or I like your videos. those are all fine
but the more hip cool in slang, kind of the way of saying something like that
is I'm feeling
so if you like something you can say
I am feeling
so if you see a girl who's pretty,
you know here in America you tell her you know
ah, I am feeling your eyes
or you know, I am feeling your lips
you know I am feeling your hair
that means you like it, it looks good
doesn't mean you are really touching it
it means you adore it
like when some of you girls see Justin Bieber
which is fine for girls
but if you are a guy and you generally like another guy
he was like an actor or singer
you really want to say I am feeling that guy
so you are gonna say
if you like Justin Bieber's music and you are a guy
you say "I am feeling Justin Bieber"
I like his music, I am feeling Justin Bieber
it's a cool way of saying it so you don't seem like a girl
but yeah girls can say oh yeah I love Justin because they are girls
next one. now this one is specially for beautiful women
now one thing you need to know
about American guys is that
we really really like beautiful foreign women
so if you travel the a place like America it's very common for guys
to be like "hey you look great" or "woo you look sexy"
and they constantly will try to talk to you
so here's three things you can say
to get rid of guys that you do not wish to talk to
I I I am not in the mood
not in the mood
do not talk to me, not in the mood, I just want to go home
and feed my cat
sorry. I am married and I have black husband
yes I have black husband
he's a gangsta
I have black gangsta husband, don't talk to me, black gangsta husband
my father rush in mafia
you want to come see him?
my father rush in mafia
very jealous man
very jealous man
Rush in mafia, come see him
and it's best to be mean to guys that you don't want to talk to
because that's the only way they will get the point
because you are foreigner, they will talk and talk and talk
because they think you like them
because they are American
which is always the case
so that's the end of the episode for today
hope you liked it
and hope you enjoyed it. hope you learned new stuff
I will be back to normal hopefully by Friday
thank you everyone writing to me
telling me to get better and I have a lot of fans come to visit me
so and so, that's nice. that should be fun party and um, that's basically it
video's coming soon, so subscribe to my youtube page please later
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Basic American Slang Tips

37276 Folder Collection
Kate Lin published on July 23, 2014
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