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release though uh... this weekend which there was released on thursday in order
to make a little extra money
and it worked
uh... sex in the city to the sands of time
ab mat like it matters it had sex in the city to the weather is going to be sure
there that the other news the thoughts receives about about a girl from the
used abu dhabi and learn parkour
and not actually i might add a lot better background this is chris this is
the continuing story of carrying her friends samantha
and charlotte
bomb and i'm natalie
dealing with their married lives and
mostly married lives that is of course not married because she's approver of
whatever get married
they are outs having fun in trying to deal with how their lives had changed
as carrie is dealing with problem is not problems at least tension and
unexpected things in her marriage to mister bigger love of her life
they early stages big relatively few countdown club notorious vandalism
summit ends up getting a job and take your friends on the all differences trip
abu dhabi
and shop and glamour way
and probably controversial swashbuckler let's work thank you nice work
happy anniversary
anything definitive under
since then
the baby was coming
below that is that is uh... sexta
and the city and to inkatha little glimpses for what everybody
is uh... going through
it is two years later after the first movie
it's that set up right at the begins with a big wedding scene between the two
gay does
usually escape
yet it is in the first
knowing how the movie begins because i i would prefer a big problem with that i
knew we were in trouble with that foreseen because these girls are friends
all they do is talk and in another trailer which has been given away
because i saw it
on uh... probable during
carry bread during searches for parker's appearance in the after show the real
housewives new york city
and um... and they show that so i'm comfortable talking about this and more
and they're all by in a gift for that wedding and and and miranda says
these to get together anyway i thought they hated each other
and i thought oh
these girls are friends these are mutual friends who are important to them
and the notion that they would be having that conversation
like that
in front of us when they clearly we've talked about it forty eight times in the
preceding two years
tells me that
no effort
was really put into this script or story and what this was going to be about is
what i feared it was going to be about which was
gucci and product and christian the baton and and and abu dhabi and the
splendor in the over the top of the spending and not the story and more
well there is no script and as often over straight simultaneously 'cause it's
two and a half hours along
and it's like a parity of what you think the sex the city sequel would be anemic
it's almost like a senator in the same account
let's end the latest dipti left sickening they discussed enzyme camels
and all the gathering o cell phone signal and i started to get priscilla
queen of the desert if they're not that i don't think i was supposed to now it
is a great cantina and then i mean the liza minelli performing
sinhalese bearing on it like singing the song angelina dance the halls on well we
have the girls in karaoke bar
doing on and one in the whole some not just one person is a great sample blech
so rilmani says that the dollar tickets never is clever funny as trying to be
they hate all of them
family day care e
really i really really are very well and that i actually still really like what
you extract extension that i think that uh... as that the christian davis's
i get better and i think she sort of grown into the character understands
character i remind care of my brenda brenda at the wrong direction
kim to tread
character has becomes
nothin but a character i mean you saw it there in the clip harry to swallow those
have we met there's just one over the top i'd get it your fifty-two years old
you plug that sex with god is all the time well borel sex
you love every other kind of section think about all the time you want to add
all the time everybody who doesn't have it all the times
used loser
and amin enough
it's silly it's ends up being um... fruit but it adds up
demeaning and you're like roll your eyes like enough having i'm comfortable with
impeccable i cavalcade can't have got to get to have a little dignity at at some
point we got it
i know but you also supposed to be friends
as you make this huge sacrifice like yeah i'm not going to go home with this
guy just mad cuz revenue growth nye taxonomy probable westar i know i made
and then i told her there
battle of lake
tyson somebody not familiar with these characters accepting in sort of war
you know i will say that actually
i start off okay that's where we actually felt like you know we did a
decent job i thought it was the opening montage predicted a decent job of
making sure i do these characters war
i didn't mind the wedding scene actually thought that
the fiance number was funny
all just went down at me i thought was kinda cute it was too long
elaine kamarck head
it was something
well i thought you know i liked what he was a dividend from a class is a good
sport that's kinda funny
bed then we just goes completely downhill and its people
i don't want to get too much into
my reaction of the characters because i find most leave them almost a bit
completely unbelievable
you know that
is probably the single most narcissistic characterized ever come across
and networks you haven't seen the real housewives of the rockets not it's not
characters they are real and a lot then those and then there's a general in the
history should you know as the moment where
she's obviously can't handle her life returns
right and they'd every show that see what he's trying to cook m
you know the older daughter
puts a hand prints we saw that there are a behind and she's like
p we that's completely that was the kind of thing that really bothered me about
this movie and above
how much and would have not
like the characters although i have to say i actually found the only one that
really is at all
partially interesting estimate that i thought
really well
i could buy felt like there was a clear there that i thought
that might have been interesting michelle over the top here
but that may have it was just id it we know this is also going to ten years
younger and she was to jump
and then if there are other parts
to work after she was driven by her career and didn't want to be beholden to
a man
now it seems like all she wants to do
move is have sex with a guy before there was some sort of
yes you're supposed to be sort of about independence and female sexual
independence and female empowerment
that's all lost because all they care about is spending a ton of money are
closed and an excellent point i'm right now we have clams massively why i think
a lot of things that it started to go down roads that never got
really at unity started to get storyline certainty is that never really were
properly addressed that
you know ferences there's this
tension between
eg can carry about how they're
marriage is going and you start to think okay maybe this is a going to go the
expected way mature enough
he does do the dumb guy saying oh look i got you
this gift that you are packed as it's for me
right and not for me i guess that's really he nightly on their tax credit up
to it
implemented dept although she'd been interpreted that way she wanted piece of
jewelry cuz you know that's the carrying with them but i think it is very likely
he'll have enough from this it is a leader
of whatever you do it anymore
and got to know you right and by the way it is now being a great has been
and is doing something
incredibly romantic and sweet as it turns out
and she can't chic and she's incapable of murder bob and i think it is now is
and that's why i don't like it was just completely
unrealistic with it's our own characters frightening
natalie is presented as discourage repair and i'm sorry to have a
lackluster when i get them out of this error
noticed is that it is this woman who is so dedicated to her career
but she doesn't have time to go and check out the logo and catch for science
important moments like the science fair and she gets fed up and leaves her job
which is okay that's kind of the bible vision and then she just
about being unemployed in this economy
pile of rubble of another dot is not a completely
nodding none of them worry about the economy there's never any sympathy or
right i mean this is what this is actually send this to be met fantastical
the principal and one of the great things about the show over one of the
things about the show that is totally lost for a little bit in this and the
first movie incompletely
in the second movie is that there was something wheeled out the show they were
therefore i think a good matter i think it didn't matter two women to see
some sort of grown-up women who were not
beholden to the man they were with yes and sometimes they obviously they want
to find love they wanted to share their lives or someone
but at the core they believed in their own sort of friendship they believed
that they had the power to be independent
and then in this movie all of that is lost because all they care about is
spending seller fifty dollars on absent shoes and what the next fashion is going
to be
and i think that that all gets lost very quickly we are out there there were two
authentic scenes in the movie although you may have been annoyed by her wearing
that with their kids
when she steps into the closet and cries
that felt like the kind of thing a young overwhelmed mother might do
and then a conversation between miranda and charlotte in abu dhabi
when they're drunk that was you talking about when we see that i thought was
that really works that seem like a bonding moment the two again young
might have about how difficult motherhood is that the other than those
two things quick scenes of the two-and-a-half-hour movie none of the
team dot intact being i've had specialist women who are moms like that
seems to lead caring honest decent
glimmers of honesty with carrying big discussing what we have any reason why i
but as you think fighting with the black evening down the whole time that's
distracting whatever
identity point five because some of the clothes are fun
and a couple seen that that worked for me couple joke that i was going to get
ahead then in the new said because of the new items one thousand blowers
thinking about you know one point five out of four when i read a review rape
eva two point five for our purposes means you have to close at five
but does it make me so angry connections in any cell and i kept going to cause a
display respect two point five from me
hyatt dot i would appreciate that i could easily
understand the characters were and i thought they were
little moments that i thought okay you don't like that's you don't like
between miranda and charlotte natalie regularity or blair
the edna nashville higher than you are asleep because it wasn't his dot awful
and painful as i_e_ was afraid was going to be
they've been very quickly one thing i do want to discuss before we wrap up the
grades and and
no more than thirty seconds total i thought some of the they
the character muslim characters some of the cold it anti-muslim i think that's a
little strong it did
a little uncomfortable
i thought
then the brokers and then pick a fifth we all got the fancy new dresses from
the latest fashion lines in the muslim men
out of hollywood in the nineteen th
forties with their subservient
the white westerners um... i thought it was a little uncomfortable
i think i mean financial aid not just when she screams out you know
i'd saxena ngo i didn't like that
and the influencing the way back in about
what they're like this and i thought in that seems i thought you know the skills
to get stoned to death in the end of the fact that i would add to pretty
progressive city and then like it was either they were uh... you know was
either the new
the new muslim world
where they were of course these conservative sort of old-school
fundamentalist i don't know but i think that just it was a little it was not
handled was not handled deftly
at the very least yeah i am so i'd say i'll throw this away
i did a uh... that i can't live a much greater ai oh yes it is that how you
have it in three point five
i do care about what happens the characters
but i don't care anymore actually get it another great for people who load show
and love the characters
anak grade
is in the weapon
uh... because
no one will carry
how much money to make
in eight three million dollars in that there's a midnight showing as a loan emi
fourteen point two million on thursday
protecting seventy five million for the five day weekend it's only forty percent
of the spirit of a said nego released a report saying that going into the
weekend it sold something like eighty one percent of the tickets
sold to their site already presale tickets that although they did
of men two women
ninety six percent female
genocide layout i dot e so there is no way that it was time farewell grades
skipping my eleven for the people who are our defense comes out to a
very simply
either three from
three point five pt two point five three point five overall grade is a
sex in the city too
gets a three
no one will care what we have to set the assassin and the city to next week at ma
one of the two movies will be doing get him to the greek
which i at least i think all of us are at least looking for and i think and so
what i want to give it away can't i'm looking forward to it they've already
seen it
bottles what everybody uh...
what the fletc
youngsters dot com but i will see you next week
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Sex And The City 2 - Movie Review

4918 Folder Collection
周靜儀 published on July 21, 2014
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