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  • Of course here in Los Angeles

  • most businesses are still closed.

  • Museums are closed, gyms are closed,

  • Bars are still shut down.

  • Now I'm fine with gyms and museums being closed,

  • never went, but having all the bars shut down, that's rough.

  • I really miss going to a bar,

  • grabbing a drink with friends, meeting new people.

  • Fortunately, true story,

  • there is a bar right here at the Largo Theater.

  • It's in the next room, across the courtyard.

  • It's a pretty famous, cool spot.

  • So I figured, there is a way that I can go right now

  • and have a drink with some friends, but do it safely.

  • So Andy you stay here with the cardboard cutouts,

  • I'm going to a bar.

  • Okay, boss.

  • I'm gonna get myself a drink.

  • Right in here.

  • (revelers chattering) (soft music)

  • Man, It is great to be back.

  • (soft music)

  • Hey, there is Chad the bartender,

  • he's always happy to see me.

  • (soft music)

  • (revelers chattering)

  • You talking to me?

  • Oh, you want your drink?

  • Sure, I'll slide it to you.

  • Oh, cool, they still have that jukebox,

  • and that woman who's always staring at me.

  • Okay, that's great.

  • People are just happy to be out and about.

  • That guy really likes his beer.

  • Yeah?

  • Good beer?

  • (soft music)

  • Cool, yeah.

  • Yeah, yeah thumbs up to beer.

  • Wow, that guy really likes his beer.

  • God, I really missed this crap.

  • Check out that guy.

  • He lost everything on Bitcoin.

  • Oh, cheers ladies!

  • Yeah.

  • Wow, she was nice.

  • Hey, there, I'm Conan.

  • I host the show.

  • Not a fan?

  • Do you come here often?

  • I said, do you come here often?

  • God, now I know why I don't come here, I hate this place!

  • Lady stop looking at me and get some help!

  • Hey and freak, stop with the thumbs up,

  • it's just a fucking beer!

  • Damn, even when COVID ends, I'm never coming to a bar again.

  • We've got a great show.

  • Ted Danson's here.

  • (upbeat rock music)

  • Bars are overrated, I'm taking this with me.

  • Great show.

  • (upbeat rock music)

Of course here in Los Angeles

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Conan Goes To A Bar - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/01
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