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  • 'Put up' has lots of meanings -

  • here are three of them.

  • 'Put up' can mean 'to build'.

  • 'Tim's just put a new shed up in his garden.'

  • 'I'm going to put up a new wall.'

  • 'Put up' can mean 'to struggle for

  • or against something'.

  • 'I thought you were going

  • to lose but you really

  • put up a good effort.'

  • 'We can stop this if we put up a fight.'

  • For these two meanings

  • the direct object could go

  • either before or after the 'up'.

  • If you 'put someone up'

  • you allow them to stay somewhere.

  • 'Don't worry about a hotel -

  • we can put you up for the night.'

  • Here the direct object

  • has to come before the 'up'.

  • So it can mean 'build', 'struggle' or 'let stay'.

  • Do you know any other meanings?

  • 'You put up a good effort

  • to put up that wall.

  • Now you must be tired -

  • I can put you up if you like.'

'Put up' has lots of meanings -

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3 ways to use 'put up' - English In A Minute

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