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Hello everybody and welcome to Learning English TV 16.
I was going shoot this video outside
but it’s been raining so much here for the past week
and I’m still waiting for the weather to blow over
Blow phrasal verbs is our topic today so let’s do it.
sometimes we can go through a bad time in our lives
either professionally or personally
It’s like a storm with dark clouds hanging overhead
I’ve been through some hard times in my life
you know when you look up at the sky at night
and the only positive that thing you can see (is) are a few stars
which seem so far, far away
Does that sound corny?
All kidding aside, if you're going through some hard times right now
listen to some music, find a comedy to make you laugh
'cause before you know it, things will blow over
blowing things out of proportion is a wife who wakes up her husband at 3:00 a.m.
Honey, wake up, get up, oh God! wake up
What's the matter, is the building on fire?
NO, it's here in our apartment
Oh my God What's in our apartment?
It's a bee flying around our apartment and it looks lost and angry!
this is not a phrasal verb, but an idiom using blow
I think a movie, even though it’s a little old, that’s mind-blowing is Matrix
that whole red pill, blue pill thing and what happens when he takes the red pill
blew my mind
Another popular one, even though it's not a phrasal verb
which means to spoil your chances of achieving something
you want to achieve because of something you do or say
So you’re hoping that something will happen,
you're working(informal English) on it for days, for weeks, for months, for years
and then at some point “you blow it”
"ah man, I blew it!"
A good example are(is) those teams of professionals who are building those domino mazes for the Guiness Book of World Records
hundreds of thousands of dominos
and then one guy just accidently knocks one of them over with his foot and..........
and it just goes..........crashing down
"ah man, I blew it!"
this is when you get extremely angry at/with someone
A classic example is road rage,
it’s a huge problem here in Canada
you’re driving along and for no reason
someone cuts in front of you without even looking
they just............
Then the driver who was cut off, moi, has two choices
count to ten and laugh it off
he's just on drugs
or take revenge
when something impresses you in a good way
this is one of my favorite ones, we say wow, that music, that movie just blew me away
it just floored me
it knocked me over
Maybe you like listening to a certain singer that just blows you away
I have lots of students who have different favorite singers
and they send me links and tell me, "this is going to blow you away"
Well everybody, the time blew by quickly in this lesson
and I am happy to know that my phrasal verb videos are helping
so many people who are trying to remember lists and lists of phrasal verbs
Have a wonderful day and I am sure I will get a comment
from one of my male subscribers about the meaning of another blow idiom
I’d mention it in this video
but I wanted to keep things rated PG
So have a great day!
Bye for now!
that whole red pill, blue fill
blue thill
buy it now
blow up at or with someone, this is when you get extremely angry with or aaaat
then the driver, who was just cut off, moi, has two choices
two choices!!!!!!!!
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Speak English Phrasal Verbs - Learning English TV 16 with Steve Ford

1235 Folder Collection
Brian published on July 21, 2014
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