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  • today is my chickens.

  • Bistro is also a memorial site to a customer of his Kevin shovel to who bled to death here.

  • No matter how hard you try, you can't forget it.

  • Outside the door, a plaque commemorates the two people who died in the terrorist attack in Hala on October 9th 2019 in downtown Hala, a heavily armed right wing extremist went on a shooting spree.

  • His real target was the town synagogue.

  • He was out to kill Jews, but he failed to break through the door.

  • He shot down a woman passing by and then attacked.

  • The Turkish bistro is Mitt.

  • Tekin was lucky he'd gone shopping.

  • His brother was able to flee the attacker, but there was no escape for Kevin Shelter.

  • But once the official commemoration was over, Izmit taken felt left alone with his own memories of that day.

  • What came after was disappointing.

  • Nobody came by and nobody showed any interest.

  • We felt abandoned.

  • And then came the Covid 19 pandemic.

  • The few customers who still came were only allowed to order takeaways.

  • Tech, in who came to Germany from Turkey 12 years ago, faced financial ruin.

  • But then help came from an unexpected quarter.

  • Eagle McVie.

  • It's from the Jewish community, the intended target of the attack, and others called on people to buy vouchers for 1000 kebabs, and the Jewish Student Union collected another €30,000.

  • They are there to support fellow members of Hala society.

  • Thanks to this solidarity, the neighborhood kebab shop will stay on as a place where we can pick up something to eat.

  • Anything else would only serve the aims of the attacker, and this person doesn't deserve any justness.

  • These chicken has been gaining confidence again for himself and the fight against hatred.

  • That's the message that we all stick together more as immigrants and Germans, no matter what our nationality or faith.

  • Only a few 100 m away, Halasz Synagogue has been under constant police guard since the attack.

  • Matri, it says.

  • Now the house of worship is well protected.

  • But as a Jew in Germany, he no longer feels quite as safe.

  • So he would like to see that as many people as possible become aware that this danger is real, not just because of October, the 9th 2019 in Hala, but also because of many other horrifying events the majority of society has to be aware that minorities don't feel safe in Germany, and much more has to be done.

  • Those who feel threatened plan to take action for themselves.

  • Jews like Matt V.

  • It's and Muslim immigrants like Asma Tech in the attacker nearly destroyed his livelihood.

  • But now, at the age of 36 he's setting out to remodel his bistro, set up tables in the rear room and make it an inviting place to eat once again and more dishes than just kebab.

  • We'll offer different meal combinations every day so people can get another perspective.

  • Many of these meat chickens customers have already gained another perspective on his life.

  • The people of Hala are showing solidarity with a bistro owner.

  • After the attack, we were going as much as twice a week in the long run.

  • That's not good for your wasteland, but we still try to come here as often as possible, and Asma Tech in knows he can continue to count on the help of Eagle McVie.

  • It's and the Jewish community every kabob.

today is my chickens.

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