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  • an illegal refugee camp near the town of Erica Kladusa in northern Bosnia.

  • Abdullah, a Palestinian, is back after being forcibly deported from Croatia by the Border Patrol, where they deport you.

  • Voluntary aid worker, 49 year old Yasmina Hoshi Dick came across Abdullah during her evening rounds.

  • Now she's trying to supply him with bare essentials.

  • I have a tent here, but I, uh I don't have a sleeping bag.

  • Yes, Mina says she sometimes feels bad that she can't do more for them.

  • During the day she works in a Bosnian government office, but after leaving her office, she heads out as a volunteer to help the refugees.

  • Mhm.

  • For the past year, Yasmina has gone shopping for them every day, paying with donations or out of her own pocket, buying rice oil and sometimes meet.

  • Then she packs donated shoes, jackets and pants and bags and labels them with the mobile phone numbers of refugees she's in contact with.

  • That way she can be sure each one has received what they need most.

  • My two daughters studying one is in Austria.

  • Uh, other is Germany, so if they can have chance for better, alive by other people get them soon afterwards.

  • Yasmina is on her way to the first stop of the evening.

  • This is Chimney Secretary.

  • We first got there.

  • Mhm.

  • Can you help me, please?

  • Hello?

  • Hi.

  • Hello.

  • How?

  • Uh, uh, here is about a dozen young men, most of them Algerians have found shelter here.

  • Uh, she is huge.

  • What is his name?

  • Yeah, sometimes it's very hard, but I do what I can do.

  • Maybe it's not enough, but I'm just human like everybody else.

  • Hundreds of migrants are living in conditions like this in Bosnia.

  • Without the help of people like Yasmina, life would be impossible.

  • But for the volunteers themselves, the situation in Bosnia is becoming increasingly risky.

  • We're doing everything very quiet and not to challenge anybody.

  • Okay, In this situation, I think that is better.

  • I'm very ashamed because, uh, some things.

  • What doing here?

  • People.

  • A lot of bad things happen.

  • Yasmina who?

  • She rich and other Bosnians are organizing a volunteer aid group and hope to get it registered without official permission.

  • Says the cantons.

  • Interior Minister Norman click.

  • It's actually illegal to render any assistance to refugees.

  • Bosnians who do so can be charged foreigners deported.

  • If we discover foreign citizens working without a permit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they will be deported and banned from entering Bosnia for a certain period in accordance with our laws.

  • Foreign aid workers have complained about the difficulties of getting officially registered, and even then, the work of refugee aid organizations as here in Leeper is strictly regulated.

  • The Bosnian authorities also want to see all the migrants housed in camps like the one a Leap.

  • This is one reason for the hardline taken against volunteers like Yasmina, who visit illegal camps like this one in the forest.

  • But for the refugees here, she's often the last hope.

  • Someone give food.

  • Someone give clothes, shoes, everything.

  • That's why something feel good.

  • But our men want to go forward, go Italy.

  • But their chances of getting there are slim.

  • They will probably have to hold out here for months.

  • I want that they feel welcome here, but probably they not feel here of they don't have place for shower.

  • They don't have a place for washing for cooking as long as they remain here.

an illegal refugee camp near the town of Erica Kladusa in northern Bosnia.

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