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  • now.

  • In the 19 sixties and 19 seventies, the French government took away nearly 2000 Children from the island of Reunion.

  • That's one of France's overseas territories in the Indian Ocean.

  • Their plan was to repopulate rural areas of mainland France, and the Children were promised education and opportunity.

  • Instead, many injured years of mistreatment.

  • Now reunions generation of stolen Children want the French government to pay damages for their suffering.

  • Even at the age of 75 in Melbourne, Wataru still bears the deep scars left by his youth.

  • The government took him away from his family at the age of nine as part of a resettlement programme.

  • He was first sent to various Children's homes on the island of Reunion.

  • On a film we weren't allowed to say or do anything.

  • We had to follow the supervisor's orders.

  • If we didn't, they hit us.

  • They made us do hard labor.

  • At one point we had to carry buckets of cement on our heads and pour them onto a slab to build a swimming pool somewhere.

  • The walls around the homes were 4 m high.

  • We weren't allowed to go out or to see our families.

  • He was told he would be taken to mainland France.

  • But it took another nine years, and instead of getting a good education there, as promised, he had to work as a farm hand.

  • We had to milk the cows, clean the pig pens, plant and harvest beetroot and potatoes.

  • The farmers had been told we were dangerous, that we were murderous in thieves.

  • They didn't trust us and treated us like slaves.

  • So they hit us at the slightest excuse about you.

  • See is a department topping.

  • He was finally freed at the age of 21 managed to set up a business as a painter.

  • He tried to forget his past as best he could.

  • Up until a few years ago, when he met his partner, Marie Ju, she insisted he needed to find his roots.

  • He's 75 now.

  • He has lived most of his life, but I hope he still has much longer to live at least 10 or 15 years, and I want him to be happy.

  • During that time, she searched for months, sent hundreds of emails and managed to get one spectacular result.

  • She found a meals older sister Marie, who lives on Reunion they talk to each other daily.

  • I was always hoping to find him and never gave up my search.

  • Now he's too far away from me.

  • I want him to come back here.

  • Yeah, no man is assigned.

  • A lawyer from UM in 2014, France officially acknowledged its moral responsibility towards the so called Children of the cruise.

  • The Ministry of the Overseas told us that they plan to teach these Children's history at school, but a meal is hoping for more.

  • We are asking for damages.

  • That's perfectly reasonable.

  • They have done us harm.

  • If I had robbed or killed someone, I would also be punished.

  • Even though money will not write the wrong they have done to us, it's like losing a leg.

  • You'll never get it back.

  • But previous claims for compensation were dismissed due to the statute of limitations.

  • Emil will keep looking for his happiness.


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Réunion's 'stolen children' demand damages from France | DW News

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