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  • ( whimpering, barking )

  • Poppy, Bridget, did you hear that?

  • - Could it be? - Is it really?

  • It's a boy! And a girl.

  • And another boy. It's werepuppies!

  • Eee!

  • - 1, 2, 3, 4. - 5, 6, 7.

  • 8, 9, 10 werepuppies?

  • - All: Aww! - Why, thank you.

  • You know, I am just that cute.

  • Oh, my ghosts! Eee!

  • Three more? That means there's--

  • 13! Born this morning.

  • A litter this big only happens the day of a full moon.

  • Wow! They're the cutest critters I've ever seen.

  • Especially this little guy.

  • Oh, that's Cosmo, the smallest pup.

  • I guess he's kind of sort of cute.

  • Can we keep him?

  • What can we do to help, Dr. P.?

  • Well, I'll need all paws on deck,

  • especially with tonight's full moon.

  • Oh! Sweet slime toads!

  • The Mummytons' cat is about to have a litter

  • of magical kittens.

  • I need to go, but I can't bring

  • puppies this young along with me.

  • You taught me monsterloads

  • about what it takes to be a junior critternarian.

  • Maybe I can watch the puppies until you get back?

  • Werepuppies are a pawful.

  • They'll need a bath, meals every two hours,

  • lots of playtime, and tonight's the full moon.

  • That's when the puppies will perform their magic howl.

  • Magic howl?

  • It's an enchanted song that gives the puppies

  • their magic as werewolves.

  • Ooh! It's thrilling!

  • That sounds spooktacular.

  • I can take care of the pups and make sure

  • - their magic howl is perfect. - Oh, thank you, Vee.

  • But if a pup isn't with his pack for the magic howl--

  • ooh, I can't even say it.

  • - And I'm too afraid to ask. - What would happen?

  • If a pup isn't with his pack for the magic howl,

  • that puppy would never be able to transform into a werewolf.

  • - Never! - Oh, no!

  • But if any junior critternarian can handle the challenge,

  • it's you, Vampirina.

  • Remember, a critternarian always finds a way.

  • - I'll be back as soon as I can. - Okay, you heard Dr. P.

  • We got to keep an eye on these puppies and make sure

  • - they're taken care of. - What do we do first?

  • Oh! Cuddle them and love them and cover them

  • with great big ghost kissies!

  • First, let's get them spooky clean.

  • Beastly bubbles rinsed. Ready for a towel.

  • Why did I get stuck with towel duty?

  • Every critternarian knows

  • puppies eat a lot to grow spooky and strong.

  • And these pups need plenty of energy

  • for their magic howl tonight.

  • Who's hungry?

  • - Here, puppy, puppies. - Time to eat!

  • A bowl for Cosmo, and you, and you.

  • Demi! You can't eat werepuppy food.

  • And why not?

  • I'm making my best werepuppy eyes. Look!

  • The puppies are on their third meal already.

  • Do you think Dr. Paquette will be back soon?

  • I'm not sure. But the best thing we can do

  • is keep the pups busy until tonight's full moon.

  • I don't want anything to happen to them.

  • - ( barking ) - Good idea, Wolfie.

  • After that bone!

( whimpering, barking )

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Magic Howls | Vampirina | @Disney Junior

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