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I got a request from a subscriber about how to speak quickly
I got a list of words here and I'm gonna go through them now.
So I'll put this down. The first one is
"I'm going to" I'll stand over here and write
"I'm going to" We will put 'slow' here (看黑板)
and 'fast' here "I'm going to" turns into
"I'm gunna"
"I'm gunna" which turns into
so depending on how fast you're speaking. I'm going to the store.
I'm going to the store.
I'm gunna go
to the store.
I know that's different, I'll change it. I'm going to go
to the store. I'm gunna go to the store.
I'mn'a go to the store.
hey I'mn'a go to the restaurant. "I'mn'a" that's that's more
Canadian say that. American say that sometimes. You can stick with this one.
"I'm gunna"
I'm "gunna" go to the store. That's pretty quick.
Next example is "Do you want to"
and "Do you want to" turns into "D'you wanna"
"D'you wanna." "Do you want to" visit
"Do you want to" visit Grandma, granny?
"Do you want to" visit granny? "D'you wanna" visit her?
So in English we often stick it together kinda
D'you-wanna "visit-her"? D'you want a "visitor"?
Do you wanna "visit her"? 'Cause "visitors" kinda different. We'd say visit her.
Next example: "What is that?"
"What is that" turns into "Whatsthat"
almost like a "zed"(z). "Whatzzat"
Hey, "whatzzat"?
Next example: "Did you"
"Did you" turns into "Didjah"
Hey "did you" see the movie yesterday? Did you…
Did you see the movie yesterday?
Didjah see the movie yesterday? Did you…
get the new CD? Did you get the new CD?
Didjah. Didjah. That's an easy one.
"Would you" turn into "Wouldjah"
"Whouldjah" "Would you" like to drink more coffee?
"Wouldjah" like some more coffee? Whouldjah, wouldjah.
"Would you" go to the store
if they had a sale? "Wouldjah" go to the store if they had a sale?
Wouldjah? Wouldjah go? Wouldjah do? Wouldjah like it
if it was better.
Next example: "sort of" "sort of" turns into "sorta"
"sort of" turns into "sorta" just like "kind of" turns into "kinda"
I "sort of" like the zoo.
I "sorta" like the zoo. I "sorta" like the zoo. "Sorta."
I "kinda" like the zoo, but I "sorta" like the beach better than the zoo.
I "kind of" like it. I "kinda" like it
Do you "kinda" like ugh like that that movie?
Yeah, I "sorta" like it. It's okay
"Different" this is more like a pronunciation thing than anything
ESL, they often say it like this:
"deef err. ent"
"deef err.ent"
Do you have a "deef err.ent" name?
And native speakers we say d'eh'fferent
"eh" "ee"
So this is kind of wrong. "eh," d'eh'fferent. s'eh'gnal, w'eh'sh
They often say "ee"
like I wh'ee'sh. "deef rr.ent" bad
but "d'eh'fferent" good. I sorta like a bit different color
Here we got "supposed"
I am "supposed" to study turns into supp, "suppost"
I'm "suppost" to study
"s'ppost." So we can get rid of that (u).
I'm "s'ppost" to study tonight
I am "supposed" to study tonight
ESL would
they'd be saying like ugh "supp ose.d"
and the 'd' would be like extra
"supposed to" I'm "supp ose.d" to study tonight
native speaker: I'm "s'ppost" to study tonight
I'm "s'ppost" to eat less carbohydrate
I'm "s'ppost" to the less sugar. I'm "s'ppost" to do more reading
Next example is "Has there been"
I must erase
I'm "s'ppost" to erase the board between examples
I'm not "s'ppost" to drop the water rag on the floor
What was that thing I said?
Somebody remind me what I'm "s'ppost" to do. "Has there been" was that it?
yeah, "has there been"
turns into "hastherbin"
"Has there been" any activity? "Hastherbin" any activity?
"Has there been" any monkeys in the room?
"Hastherbin" any monkeys in the room? "Hastherbin" ...
"Have there been" any cars...
"Haftherbin" any cars sold?
"Haftherbin" any cars sold? That's very fast speaking.
"Haftherbin" any new students enrolled in the school?
Next example: "I can see"
turns into "Ik'nsee"
"I can see" the mountain.
"Ik'nsee" the mountain
"Ik'nsee" into the lake. Ik'nsee" the boat across the lake.
Next example: what is it?
"I'm interested"
ESL would often say,
"I'm eent.uh.rested"
but that was not very good
"eh," 'eh'nterested, not 'ee'nterested
d'ee'fferent and 'ee'nterested, bad
d'eh'fferent, 'eh'nterested, good
"I'm interested" turns into "intr'estd"
I'm "intr'estd" in that car. "Intr'estd."
"Intr'estd," I'm "intr'estd" in learning.
I'm interested in music. Next example: "for the most part"
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How to Speak English FAST

53304 Folder Collection
Tong-Ann Sytwu published on July 22, 2014    沒事兒 translated    gahui yu reviewed
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