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  • now gunmen in Nigeria have abducted several 100 school girls and what is the latest mass kidnapping in the region?

  • The abduction happened at a boarding school in the town of John Gibb in Zamfara State in the early hours of Friday.

  • Eyewitnesses have told local media that hundreds of armed men attacked security guards before they took the girls.

  • In recent months, heavily armed criminal gangs have been ramping up attacks on schools and kidnapping to collect ransom.

  • Let's go right to D W Z y Su Idris who is standing by for us in Abuja.

  • What more do we know at this point?

  • Well, these are schoolgirls were abducted early Friday morning in a girl's country school in Django town, which is under a lot of money for a local government.

  • At present, what we're hearing is that Nigerian army personnel and other security forces, they are pressing this bandit, trying to see how they can stop them from moving far away into the forest into the bushes.

  • With these school girls, the number is not yet confirmed.

  • I spoke to someone who said the people or the school girls that were abducted are over 400 but But what authorities are saying now is that there are over 300 as the news develops.

  • Well, you said bandits.

  • I mean, do we know who these kidnappers are and what they want?

  • Well, usually there are the heads men that have been operating in Zamfara.

  • You know, Zamfara has been the epic center for many years since the beginning of these bandits or gunmen who are ordinary herdsmen but is now spreading to so many people that are getting into it.

  • Their demand is kidnapping for ransom.

  • That is what is clear for now.

  • But when they start attacking schools, it's like their own operation is changing because initially they just attack a village and see whom they can pick.

  • So why turning into schools?

  • Are they trying to change their operation to look like what the Boko Haram has been doing in the Northeast?

  • Have they come and infiltrated them?

  • These are questions that have been raised which still the authorities could not come out and say there is clear link between them and Boko Haram.

  • But their operation has changes and even the way and the kind of arms they are brandishing is showing that these are not ordinary government.

  • These are not ordinary herdsmen that usually popularly referred to as felonies that are doing this well.

  • There have been several large scale kidnappings recently in Nigeria.

  • What is behind this development?

  • It's worsening.

  • Insecurity is poverty is bad.

  • Governance is injustice.

  • Is corruption.

  • Because one of the Nigerian newspapers infiltrated, I was able to get access to a group and what they are saying that they had been abandoned for long.

  • There is injustice that the government didn't take care of them when they were being attacked and they're on cows and ships were being taken away in cattle rustling.

  • Nobody is doing anything.

  • So somebody whose life is in the bush when you don't give him a job, when you don't give him his own cattle to rear, what else is he going to do then?

  • He is being trained by a lot of gunmen.

  • The infiltration of this from Libya down to Somalia, to Nigeria, to Nigeria, to Nigeria.

  • And it's a stretch land of forest, right from there, up to the Zamfara, up to Abuja, Nigeria's capital.

  • We'll have to leave it there.

  • DWS interest with the very latest developments reporting from Abuja.

now gunmen in Nigeria have abducted several 100 school girls and what is the latest mass kidnapping in the region?

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Hundreds of schoolchildren kidnapped in Nigeria's Zamfara state | DW News

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