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  • you have four kids.

  • Four.

  • This is just a test.

  • I like to randomly asked celebrities if they remember how many Children they have you have.

  • And are they fans of your comedy?

  • That's I asked that.

  • And I ask that because I will go first to put the shame on me, my kids not interested in my work at all in a way that I find my daughter 17.

  • My son's 15.

  • Uh, not that interested.

  • And I show them something like, Alright, moving along, old man.

  • It's very humbling.

  • How are you doing with that?

  • It was the same thing.

  • I think I came out of the box hot like they liked me, like, right away and then, uh, in faded quick like and they kids are very smart.

  • And they did.

  • I liked that it faded quick because they you could tell they don't love my stuff And like, they don't like the big broad, you know, they don't like mall cops, very, But they they liked it and when it came out, But my oldest one is like, Why do you Why why do you fall down?

  • Why you falling down so much?

  • You know, she would be like that.

  • I'm like, Well, it's kind of, you know, for the kids And, you know, And you know, it's just a kind of a big, fun, broad comedy, right?

  • And she's like, but really like I mean, how many times do you really need toe?

  • And I was like, I don't know.

  • I guess I didn't.

  • Maybe there's a lot I don't know if you haven't thinking, I'm like we're going.

  • It's just I don't know She like, It's it's really a lot.

  • And I'm like, Alright, yeah, you know, that's when you need to bring up stuff like box office.

  • You like that bike you're riding this mall cop paid for that.

  • You want to hand it back that Zatz When I if they go too far, I start to bring up You know, this this is paying for a stuff.

  • Okay, so it may not be high art, but you gotta shut up.

  • Somebody finds it to be high art.

  • Okay?

  • Back or nobody does.

you have four kids.

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Kevin James' Kids Aren't "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" Fans - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/26
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