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  • Oh, but, uh, is that it?

  • Wow.

  • Yeah, e pretty unbelievable.

  • Peaceful, unfair, Perfect Unhappy coy crumbs Can I help?

  • Oh, Cup, cup, cup, cup cup Just woke up Phony Cup cup cup cup cup A lovely cup of tea Oh, oh, you Perhaps if I pop over here is well, Oh, e don't want a pup I don't want a cup I don't want thio up I just want to get back down Oh, pull you Oh, but oh oh way.

  • Oh, once upon a time there was a little red n who like to say no every now and then if you ask him help or have ago he always answered No, his favorite words were No And wait not me.

  • Not a chance.

  • No, not today.

  • Nothing.

  • Never.

  • No, not now.

  • But everybody left him anyhow one day and found a seed to sow and needed help to make it grow.

  • Now, little seed up you go.

  • But the tiny little grain said along came D and O and G A good e I'm a little red And won't you help me?

  • No, I said the dog Get down!

  • He shot.

  • No way said end Well, fancy that Then here I am said good old I I couldn't do it Let me try Good dig Dug a hole I planted the grain Good dream A big rain Along came she and a anti a cat a week Grew tall now and couldn't see I'm literate and I want to eat Who can help me cut this wheat?

  • Not I said the dog, lovey.

  • I said the cat Nobody No one Fancy that a long time You Hi, That's me.

  • Oh, cut!

  • We've cut the week as you could see Then along came P and I and Jeep E On what the mayor said He I'm little bit in Let's make it neat.

  • Who can help pick up this week?

  • A big fancy that Go on.

  • No, go on.

  • No go on way.

  • Can't just sing any old thing We need to sing a singer.

  • Oh Mm Some everybody needs e o That's more like it Everybody needs to shine in spring E Everybody needs a song to sing along Thio Yes.

  • Everybody needs a song to sing a bell and a clock can slap about But with us The bell can ring, ring, ring, ring a bird in the sky can flap on flythe e can sing I can sing If you want the bell to ring If you want They're about to see You have to agree You're going to need Engy You can walk up and down with your head in a crowd With us You can be king a king, the bell on your bike To be your shiny as you like with me Oh agree, Ugo, Who am I?

  • I can't say it seems tohave slipped my mind But maybe with help from my friends here today I'll leave all my troubles behind.

  • Excuse me.

  • I think we can help you say your name.

  • Okay.

  • A a When I'm with way make up by you a day when I'm with why there's always time Thio Hey, Thursday by me Soon will be now Hey, wait!

  • Hey!

  • Yes, my name is it.

  • Oh, what is my name?

  • Hey hey!

  • I'm happy with I like a puppy that's wagging east a kill I'm sticking with I And soon we'll be We'll note a trail E Yes, My name is E out of love So who wants to be in our band?

  • Jump over!

  • Let me join.

  • Yeah.

  • Ah, but job, job, job, job, job, job thing isn't going Thio.

  • Fear not.

  • I'll make the band fabulous.

  • A bob Let's bogey block with with We're so far with five bye bye way, way Wait readings, ex fans.

  • I can fix this, but I'm going to need some help.

  • I'm in.

  • Fantastic.

  • Hey, fix, Hold out your hand.

  • Hold out your hand.

  • You soon singing.

  • Who's the best band fix, brother?

  • It's a way.

Oh, but, uh, is that it?

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A2 cup cup cup job job ring ring ring job

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