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  • they jump in my first guest starting the hangover movies.

  • His latest film, Puss in Boots, opens Friday.

  • Please welcome Zach Galifianakis thing have been under there for the longest time It is.

  • Didn't you hear feeling the pinch You during the Reba McEntire interview?

  • A for a week.

  • What's wrong with the traditional entrance, pal?

  • Don't like doing that well, so good to see you.

  • To see you to just try and reassemble this if you don't mind.

  • Thank you.

  • Should I be winded for trying to break balsa wood?

  • Oh, that's well, that's so much less impressive now that you said it.

  • Well, you know, this was pure mahogany.

  • Uh, you know, I will say you look like you could smash through anything.

  • You I've got to say you look fit.

  • Yeah, You've been a real gym rat gym rat.

  • Look, gym rat.

  • If I'm not at gold's, I'm either equal knocks or jogging on the beach.

  • Uh, really?

  • You just constantly going at it.

  • You just constantly work.

  • Always been fit my whole life.

  • Real gym rat, gym rat.

  • Just keep saying gym rat if you say it enough, it happened.

  • So you think you're a gym rat.

  • But sometimes I consider myself a gym rat way.

  • Hi, Zak.

  • Sorry.

  • It's nice that you two get along now.

  • You know more than fine.

  • How about you?

  • You were saying?

  • Yeah, we're going each other a very long time and used to come on my old late night show back in the late fifties.

  • Early sixties.

  • And you would, uh yeah.

  • Great.

  • Always had great jokes.

  • And I was thinking today do you remember the first joke you ever told?

  • Uh, And when I was trying to be a stand up comic, Uh, yeah, e started doing stand up in the back of a hamburger restaurant and Times Square.

  • And the first joke I ever wrote and performed was I was with this girl the other night.

  • We were at our house, We had been drinking and she said, Zach, you could just sleep here.

  • You couldn't sleep with my futon.

  • Yeah.

  • And I said to her, I don't sleep on anything that rhymes with Croton.

  • That's an actual joke.

  • You really first joke.

  • How did that?

  • How did that really have a joke?

  • It's more just a Senate.

  • Yeah, thinking.

  • How did that go over?

  • Oh, it bombed horribly.

  • Yeah.

  • So, uh, you ever giver you ever made the Croton joke since.

  • Have you ever gone back to it?

  • I just did just that.

  • Was it e 0 12 year span?

  • E thought maybe you were dining out on that joke.

  • That was a regular doctor.

  • Great ice breaker at parties.

  • I've got great things to say.

  • Asked me to stay over and sleep on a futon.

  • That's the only way it works, E I will say this about you.

  • You're not a overtly political comic.

  • You You're very silly.

  • But do you ever have you ever done a lot of humor about politics?

  • No, I really don't.

  • I like politics.

  • I I'm a little disappointed.

  • I'm a big fan of Sarah Palin.

  • And I have been for Excuse me, I'm a big fan of parasailing, Right?

  • Different.

  • Totally got compute.

  • Yeah.

  • So you like parasailing?

they jump in my first guest starting the hangover movies.

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Zach Galifianakis Busts Through Conan's Desk - CONAN on TBS

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