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  • receivers in general.

  • Um, you know, the bucks how they handled Chris Godwin if they tag him to bring him back, But but Alan Robinson with the Bears is the one to me that has the most, uh, intrigue in terms of the potential fireworks.

  • Robinson has been the good soldier.

  • Last year, very frustrated didn't get his contract on, but, um, but ultimately, you know, had another successful season if they tagged him.

  • I I just don't see him playing under the tag.

  • I think this gets messy.

  • Um, and and the Ryan Pace The jam has showed no sense that he wants to give him the money that seemingly Robinson will deserve on the open market.

  • So that one is the one that has the most potential for, I guess, drama and intrigue.

  • Because I just can't see Robinson playing under the tag this year.

  • It probably makes sense to tag him and package him and trade him.

  • Correct?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, look, tagging trades.

  • I think they're getting more and more sensible because the teams basically saying, Look, these players don't wanna play into the tag there.

  • They're not happy about it.

  • We're gonna wind up dealing with the holdout in some capacity.

  • So rather than wait for them to become a free agent, uh, let's just like you said, Let's let's see if we can tag and trade him.

  • Um, and teams that Aaron win now mode are willing to give up compensation for a guy that they're ultimately still gonna have to do a deal with.

  • So we've seen it more and more of the past couple years, and we could see it again this year.

  • Jeff, you're an excellent reporters.

  • Well documented.

  • Not only did you break cover the story of Tom Brady on No, not only did you cover the story on Tom Brady and and gave us what we didn't know, Um, but what we do know is when players unfollowed teams, it sends a message.

  • Teddy Bridgewater unfollowed the Carolina Panthers.

  • So does this open up the window for the Shawn Watson toe landing Carolina and Teddy Bridgewater to be somewhere else?

  • It does.

  • But it was always that.

  • Anyway, um, you know, the whole on following on social media thing is kind of is mind blowing to me.

  • I wondered if you would you have ever unfollowed a team like I don't see that in you.

  • You know, like you probably have just I don't know.

  • But to your point, you just say what you were thinking.

  • So they did go look and try toe see about getting Matt Stafford.

  • So I guess he could feel jilted by that.

  • They did go and get, uh, trying actively pursuing the Shawn Watson on that could guilt, uh, teddy as well.

  • But it's not as if they're done with Teddy.

  • They would prefer.

  • And this is where it gets sticky as a player.

  • When you start taking things personal, it's like, you know, look, if my wife says, like, I'm not gonna leave you for anybody you, Tom Brady.

  • But Jeff, you got to take it personal, though, when you're a player and you uprooted your family, even though they're paying your money, you uproot your family in New Orleans to come to Carolina, and then all of a sudden you have a sub par season and you're no good to him anymore.

  • And rather than them just come and tell you.

  • Hey, man, we're getting ready to move on from you.

  • They flirt with people behind your back.

  • That's the That's the part that hurts when you're an athlete, it's true.

  • Here's the thing.

  • Here's the thing.

  • Think about the 40 Niners last year.

  • People want to talk about them with Tom Brady, do we?

  • Does anybody feel like they really know what happened?

  • I mean, I could tell you the 40 Niners were flirting with Tom Brady, okay?

  • But they handled it so tactfully and strategically that Jimmy Garoppolo never had a chance to feel jilted or get too upset.

  • And, yes, we're talking about Tom Brady, but we're also talking about the Shawn Watson.

  • So it's up to the organization to your point.

  • If you're gonna flirt like you gotta be careful about it, man.

  • And I don't feel like in the recent weeks we have seen the Carolina Panthers.

  • Be very, uh, you know, they're kind of doing a little bit in the public eye a little too much.

receivers in general.

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The meaning behind Teddy Bridgewater unfollowing the Panthers on social media | KJZ

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