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Hello. My name is Emma, and in this video, I am going to teach you some key words, words
you can use to describe the boy you like. So imagine: You're in class, and a hot boy
walks in -- a hot man. Not a boy -- man. He comes in, and you think, "Wow. That's the
guy I love. That's the one I want." So you want to tell your friends about him. What
do you say? How do you describe him? Well, I have a bunch of expressions to help you
describe the man of your dreams or your boyfriend -- someone you're dating. How do you describe
the boy you like to your friends? Let's look.
So first of all, I have a bunch of ways to describe how men look. And these are mainly
positive. So if you like a guy, your friend will say, "Tell me. What is he like? Tell
me. What is he like?" Okay? And so you might say, "Well, he's manly", meaning -- see keyword
"man", yeah? So he's "manly", meaning he likes to do manly things. He likes driving cars
fast and watching football, and he's a strong man. He drinks beer. He's "manly". Okay? You
might describe a guy like that. You might say, "He's muscular", right? He has big muscles.
"He's muscular." Okay? Maybe you could say, "He's handsome." He's a "handsome" man, meaning
he looks good. His looks -- yes, he's good-looking. "He's handsome." "He's cute. There's a cute
boy in my class. I really like him. There's a cute man in my class. I like him." We say,
"He's cute." "He's hot. He's hot." When you see him, you feel your cheeks get red? That's
because he's hot. He's a hot man. So "hot", "cute", and "handsome" -- they all mean pretty
much the same thing. You can also say "sexy". At the bottom. "He's sexy." "He's a very handsome
man. He's sexy."
Okay. "Hairy." You might wonder, "'Hairy.' What does that mean"? "Well, if a man is "hairy",
he has a lot of hair -- maybe a lot of hair on his face, maybe his chest, hairy chest.
So for me, personally, hairy men, you know -- maybe you would find a hairy man very hot.
I put this on the list because you might say a hairy guy walked into the class and think,
"Wow. He's hot. He's a little hairy." But if he's hairy, he's probably manly.
Another expression, "lanky". "Oh, he's tall and lanky." "Lanky" is not muscular. It's
where the guy is sort of skinny. But he's still very handsome. "He's lanky." He's a
little skinny. But usually we say, "He's tall and lanky." So it's similar to "skinny".
Okay. What about personality? How would you describe his personality to your friends?
Well, you might say, "He's suave. He's suave." If a guy is "suave", it means when you go
to the restaurant, he will hold the door open for you. He will pay for the meal. "He's suave."
It means he's very good with women. He knows what women want. "He's suave." Similarly,
a "smooth talker". If a man is a "smooth talker", it means he's very good with what he says.
He knows how to wine and dine you. He knows how to make you fall in love with him. A smooth
taker is a guy who is very good at talking and he can get you to like him.
"Charming." Okay? In fairy tales, Disney movies -- if you've ever seen a Disney movie, the
men are always very charming. When they talk, it means you start to really like them. When
someone is charming you like them very quickly. "He's romantic." Okay? On your birthday, he
gives you flowers. He gives you chocolate. He says very nice things to you about how
beautiful you are. "He's romantic."
"He's loaded." "Loaded." What does that mean? It means he's rich. Okay? He has lots of money.
He's loaded. All right?
A "good dresser". "He's a good dresser" means his clothes look nice. He's fashionable. Similarly,
"well-dressed", "He's well-dressed," -- his clothes look good. He knows how to dress well.
"Thoughtful." "Oh, he's very thoughtful." Okay. What does this mean? It means he knows
how to do very nice things. If he's thoughtful, it means he thinks about you, and he does
nice things. So for example, maybe you had a sad day, you had a bad day, and you felt
very sad. If he's thoughtful, maybe he will give you flowers to make you feel happy and
to make you feel better. Or maybe, if he's thoughtful, if he will ask you, "What's wrong?
What happened?" "He's thoughtful."
Some guys are athletic. "Athletic" means they're good at sports. Okay. They like to play sports,
and they're good at sports. And usually, if you see someone who's athletic, sometimes
that means they'll be muscular, sometimes not.
I love this expression: "a mama's boy". "Mama" is -- it's probably the same in your language.
In most languages, it's ma" or "mama". And so yeah, you're right; it means your mom.
A "mama's boy" is a guy who really likes his mom and who does everything his mom says.
His mother cooks for him. His mother cleans for him. His mother might tell him what to
wear. His mother controls him. Okay? A "mama's boy", he listens to everything his mother
says. Some women love mama's boys. Other women don't like mama's boys. But, you know, different
people like different things. So you could say, "He's a mama's boy. He likes his mom.
He does everything his mom wants him to."
You might like a "bad boy". Okay? Many girls like the bad boy. The bad boy is the guy who
does bad things. For some reasons, sometimes, bad boys drive women crazy. When they see
a bad boy, they think, "Wow. He's hot. Wow. Did you see how fast he drove that car? He's
hot. He's a bad boy." Some women don't like bad boys. Some women -- "A bad boy. He's annoying.
He's not good." But maybe you like a bad boy. Maybe he comes to school, and he looks really
cool. Maybe the teacher wants him to do his homework, and he says, "No. I'm not doing
my homework." He's a bad boy.
You might also like a guy who's a gentleman. A "gentleman" is someone who will hold the
door open for you. Okay? When you go to a restaurant, they'll pull the chair so you
sit first. A "gentleman" is someone who is very polite. A very polite person is a gentleman.
You might also meet someone who's a joker. "He's a joker" means he says funny things
all the time. He makes you laugh. Another expression, "flirt". "A flirt." If the guy
is a "flirt", it means he knows how to talk to you and make you like him. Like, he will
-- the way he will act will be very, like, "flirty". So you can also say, "He's flirty."
Okay? So he makes you feel good. "He's a flirt."
Okay. Some other ways we might describe a guy we like. We might say, "He makes me laugh.
He makes me laugh. He makes me smile." We might say, if we're talking about his looks,
"He has killer abs." "Abs" is the part of your stomach -- you know when guys do, like,
crunches, they exercise, they get something like this. This is their stomach, and it's
just very strong, a strong stomach. Those are abs. "He has killer abs." You could also
say, "He has a killer smile. He has killer eyes. He has -- he's very handsome."
One other expression. We also call these things, "abs" -- we also call them "a six-pack" because
it looks like -- a "six-pack" is like cans, cans of beer. "Six-pack", it looks like abs.
So we say, "He has a six-pack", meaning he has a very good-looking stomach.
Okay. So I've given you tons of expressions to use when you talk about boys you like.
I hope you use some of these in your conversation, your day-to-day conversation. I want to invite
you to visit us at our website, www.engvid.com, where you can, first off, for practice, you
can leave comments. You can write about the guy you like, to practice. You can say, "In
my class, there is a real joker. He's a flirt. He's a mama's boy." Okay? So feel free to
come to our comments and tell us about the guy you like. You can also practice on our
quiz if you go to www.engvid.com, where you can see and make sure you understand these
words. Okay? So until next time, I hope you meet the guy of your dreams. And I will be
seeing you later.
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Talking about men you like

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Elaine published on July 20, 2014    Regina Chen translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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