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  • while we start off in Armenia were months of political tensions have reached boiling point, sparking concerns of violence.

  • While today there were mass rallies in Armenia's capital, Yerevan, with both opponents and supporters of embattled Prime Minister Nicole Passion taking to the streets.

  • While Mr Passion has himself let thousands of his supporters through the streets denouncing what he called an attempted military coup after Armenia's armed forces demanded his resignation, Passion has faced months of protests since Armenia's defeat by Azerbaijan in the conflict over Nagorno Karabakh last year.

  • Awesome.

  • Let's get an update now for our correspondent Emily.

  • Sure when she is monitoring the situation from Moscow.

  • Emily, what can you tell us about the situation right now in Armenia?

  • Well today saw two parallel rallies in the center of Yerevan in the Armenian capital, with opponents of Nicole Passion Yuan calling for him to resign Those opponents.

  • Today we're joined by the military and also thousands of supporters off Nicole Passion Yon also gathered in the center of Yerevan.

  • Now Passion Union has now called on all sides Thio go home to leave the streets and to instead hold talks theocracies.

  • Ishan, however, is holding fast they have said that they will on Lee talk about passion unions resignation.

  • And it seems that they're setting up tents in the center off the city.

  • Uh, they say they're prepared to stay all night until passion on resigns.

  • This is part of an ongoing political crisis, as you say, which erupted after the war in Nagorno Karabakh.

  • After all, Armenia was forced to sign ah ceasefire which many see as, um ah, humiliation for the country.

  • Um, it had to give up several territories within Nagorno Karabakh, which is an ethnically Armenian majority enclave inside Azerbaijan and which has always been recognized by the international community as being part of Azerbaijan.

  • But for our many Armenians, that ceasefire was certainly a defeat and one that is represented by passion on himself.

  • Emily, how much popular support is there for the prime minister?

  • Well, when I was there a few months ago, people were already calling for passion.

  • Jahn's resignation After that ceasefire agreement, many people really see it as a humiliation.

  • They were saying to me he sold off part of Armenia part of our territory.

  • Uh eh, so it's really a huge national defeat.

  • However, today thousands of people heated passions, calls to take to the streets.

  • Thousands of people gathered after he called on them on Facebook, and it does seem that he has more support.

  • Um, a few months later.

  • Now let's talk about the army.

  • Is Thea Army of prepared to resort Thio Mawr violence or violence, I should say and forcibly remove the prime minister.

  • Well, it's certainly unusual in Armenia for the army Thio call on the prime minister to resign to get involved in politics.

  • I think it's unlikely that there will be forced um from the side of the army.

  • The Ministry of Defense has also called for calm and for three army not to meddle in politics.

  • It does seem likely, however, that the pressure will continue on Nicole Passion on to resign in this ongoing political crisis.

while we start off in Armenia were months of political tensions have reached boiling point, sparking concerns of violence.

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