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  • What's your reaction to hearing about Alex Smith's broken relationship with Washington football team?

  • Yeah, we're just going to talk about legs stuff that makes me queasy today.

  • Alex Smith gave an interview to play skipper of G Q about you know, his absolutely incredible come back from the injury.

  • We saw him sustained where we at one point heard that he had sepsis and was maybe going to have to lose his leg.

  • And instead of choosing to have it amputated, he rehabilitated it.

  • One of the interesting things I found separate from this question in the interview was that he mentioned that somebody put a football in his hand while he was doing rehab.

  • And that was what sort of made him realize that the game wasn't, you know, hey said initially, his thoughts were This stupid game is why I might lose my leg and never be able to play with my kids again.

  • And then when somebody put a football in his hand, he remembered that he loved it, that it's a passion of his and it's sort of drove him.

  • I found that absolutely fascinating because it seems so simple.

  • But this little thing that his doctors who sound incredible, were able to help him do in his physical therapy team was remind him of the fact that this thing happened to you.

  • Not for something stupid, but for something you do genuinely love.

  • And basically throughout the interview, that's what Alex Smith used to carry him back to the field, where we saw him make his big comeback.

  • Now one of the things that does come up in this interview is that he feels like the team the Washington football team was not supportive or did not want him to come back and that he felt like he had to fight and fight and fight for it all on his own in order to get his place back on the field.

  • My main take away, regardless of whether or not that's entirely true or if it's just his perspective or whatever it is, is that when things like this happen when athletes come back from injuries like this and managed to find success to make sure that most of the credit for that should go to the athlete, the team is always going toe love toe have that story that Alex Smith came back and played for us.

  • But sometimes teams don't necessarily deserve a lot of the credit for that.

  • So I think what would be totally fair from what I've read in this interview is to continue to be very proud of and impressed by Alex Smith ability to fight through something that should have ended his career as somebody who was born and raised in the fan base of the Washington football team.

  • I am probably closer to this that I need to be.

  • But I can tell you this.

  • The person who was sitting right next to one Daniel M.

  • Snyder, for a good portion of the time he was not playing with Alex Smith.

  • And why do we think Alex Smith even had a chance to come back on the leg that was busted in double digit places?

  • Probably because of that friendship.

  • This has big.

  • I thought you said you were going to leave your wife energy, and the guy never leaves his wife.

  • Okay, so when he gets cut now, you're kind of like bro.

  • You might not have ever been in this position to begin with had you not gotten a chance, Snyder.

  • Right now, though, we all knew how risky this was the entire time.

  • And I think everybody is glad he just literally made it out, okay?

  • Because when he's getting sacked with that porous offensive line and the leg, that doesn't work.

  • Nobody cares at that point about whether or not anybody was battling in the hospital, we just wanna make sure that you could walk to actually see your Children.

  • Okay, so that is the best part about this, Alex, we're just glad you made Yeah, I think all these points are really well served.

  • When I heard the part about a team not wanting him or that that sentiment that he was operating in the team didn't really support that, That was a reminder that this is basically what most people outside of first round draft picks kind of deal with every year.

  • The team, especially when the new regime comes in looking to try and find your replacement and usually trying to find them younger and cheaper, which we know Washington to try to do it.

  • The quarterback and failed recently at this.

  • But I'd say on the other side, generally, because of everything you just heard, I'm kind of cynical about most things that come to sports.

  • Yes, there are beautiful ideals that go with sports, but in general the business tends to get pretty grimy.

  • But the story is a reminder of goes back to the first thing Katie brought up when they put the football on his hands, Alex Smith said multiple times in this article, I didn't think I was going to come back and play again, and I wasn't sure that I wanted to.

  • But when they put the ball in his hands, the sentiment and I'm paraphrasing roughly was, even if I don't get back, because he still thought that was a long shot, I know I'm going to get a lot further with This is my motivation and is this freakish reminder that we see often in sports that these games and these silly things that we probably put way too much important to can actually propel people to places that are pretty deep and meaningful in a lot of other senses of life.

  • And Alex Smith is now the new poster for that.

What's your reaction to hearing about Alex Smith's broken relationship with Washington football team?

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