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[ALF] Hey! Hiya folks! Hey, you look good in vinyl!
How're ya doin'? Nice to meet ya.
Hey, Happy Halloween everybody!
Happy Halloween! [ALF laughs]
Say... what are you...
Greeting the guests.
Hey Tex, looks like you're putting on a little weight there, huh? [laughs]
Could I speak with you in the Kitchen just for a moment?
Hey, not now, Willy. Your pumpkin's on fire!
Ha! His pumpkin's on fire! Haha!
Come here!
Well, who is this little guy?
This is Gordon, everyone. Gordon's an old friend of our family.
Bernice, uh, don't mention his height. He's very sensitive.
Hey cowgirl, nice calves!
HA! Nice calves! Ha ha!
OK, mister, I want the truth, and I want it now.
Alright. Your hair is thinning.
You got ahold of our guest list, didn't you?
You called those people and told them to wear costumes just so you could come!
You drag me in here to tell me things I already know?
What if they discover that you're an alien?
They won't. They'll think I'm wearing a costume, see?
Where did you get that zipper?
You know the old jacket that you were gonna throw out?
Better hang on to it. I ripped this out of your new raincoat.
Alright. Go on. Go out there. I don't care.
Go on, fine with me... blow your cover, that's fine.
Just do me one favor.
OK, OK. I'll do my Elvis impression.
Please keep away from my boss.
No problem! He seems like a yutz anyway.
[ALF] OK, everybody! Let's tear this place apart!
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ALF - Costume Party

1485 Folder Collection
Anke published on July 20, 2014
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