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  • okay.

  • Don't make fun.

  • I can't ask him if I can use his labs a computer right now because he's doing his morning breathing exercises.

  • So can I just move my?

  • I have a hard wire.

  • I confined the mesh here and then plug it in.

  • Can we just That would be good.

  • Okay, Conan, stop it, Conan, stop it!

  • Can I do a quick?

  • Do you mind if I do a quick recap of what's happening for those just joining us?

  • We haven't.

  • We haven't even begun Thio record today.

  • And the reason we haven't even begun is that Sona got on and had a lot of technical problems.

  • We found out that she's moved to a different part of her predominantly oatmeal colored home.

  • Then she, uh she kept freezing, and we couldn't do the work that we need to dio.

  • And uh, then we found out what's the problem?

  • So on.

  • And she said, Well, I'm I'm not using tax computer.

  • That's her husband tack and, uh, e said, Well, why can't we just go over and use tax computer?

  • That's the one you always use.

  • And it's never a problem.

  • And she left and then she came back very quietly and said, I can't disturb tack.

  • He's doing his breathing exercises, so we're finding out a lot about So in his home life, a home made of oatmeal be husband cannot be disturbed when he's doing his breathing exercises.

  • I to do breathing exercises.

  • It's called Living.

  • Yeah, I just breathe in and breathe out and go about my business.

  • I've been doing it since Ah, little baby, my parents before me.

  • There's before them.

  • I think this probably goes back thio a period of time when we crawled out of the sea and started taking in the oxygen through our newly formed lungs.

  • Of course, Tack needs to reserve a time to do this.

  • Mats not listening, either.

  • Mats busy making, uh, his house look more like a newsroom from the 19 sixties.

  • It's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me from cameras in the background.

  • Uh, it was about to tell us that in 10 minutes Nixon and Kennedy will debate e Don't know where Sona is.

  • She's creeping around.

  • This is the problem.

  • Oh, what happened?

  • This is a problem.

  • Can you guys hear me?

  • Yeah.

  • This is this is problematic.

  • Going to be fine s gonna relax.

  • Relax.

  • Maybe you should breathe.

  • Just breathe in through the nose, breathe in through the nose, fill your belly with air and then out through the mouth.

  • Then breathe.

  • Knows.

  • Do you guys even need me for today?

  • Can I?

  • Maybe I should just then breathe out through the mouth.

  • Sit this one out, breathing through the nose.

  • Just sit this one out and breathe out through the mouth.

  • And then I want you to gently and quietly move to an area that has WiFi into the nose.

  • I'm hard wired now.

  • Oh, good.

  • Why would you want to sit this out?

  • It's so much fun for you.

  • This is No, This is awful.


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Sona Has Tech Issues – "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend"

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