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  • Happy Birthday toe Floyd Money, Mayweather Jr.

  • He turns 44 today.

  • Max.

  • Simple question at 50 and no, that's 50 wins, zero defeat.

  • He's the Gulf of Boxing.

  • No son, first of all, when he says when Floyd says T b e the best ever, he's said, he's told me I'm not even talking about in the ring.

  • Someone else can have that.

  • He's talking about playing the whole game.

  • Then you have an argument playing the business side of it.

  • Hit, Not getting hit.

  • Getting out.

  • Undefeated, making a ton of money.

  • The fact is, Rocky Marciano was 49 to know before Floyd got to 15.

  • Oh, he was a heavyweight champ.

  • Did anyone ever consider Rocky Marciano the Goat?

  • No, not seriously, No.

  • Why would Floyd be considered to go because he beat more fighters than Rocky did.

  • More great ones.

  • That's true, but really, Floyd was careful in the way he selected opponents.

  • Don't get that twisted.

  • It's not that Floyd didn't fight a lot of great fighters.

  • He did.

  • It's not that I don't think he would have beaten a lot of the tougher fighters than he fought.

  • I think he probably would have but he didn't do it.

  • He waited.

  • He waited till Pacquiao wasn't at his best anymore.

  • He didn't fight Margarito on.

  • Margarito was tearing everyone up.

  • He waited for the right time to fight people.

  • Now that's part of why he says he's TB, because that lowers the risk.

  • And while demand is building for that fight, it actually maximizes the ward.

  • He got paid twice, a much for fighting Pacquiao in a less dangerous fight than he would have had.

  • He fought him when everyone wanted toe, see him fight.

  • But that does count when you're being compared to the other greatest of all time against you.

  • Let me give you an example.

  • Sugar Ray Robinson, who was a 6 ft 147 pounder.

  • He's like six inches taller than Floyd Mayweather and deadly power in both hands and also lightning fast and good box and had a great chin.

  • He was 40 and, oh, when he lost his first fight, but it was to a middleweight.

  • Not that he went up to middleweight and fought him.

  • He was a well to £847.

  • He fought a middleweight 160 it wasn't just any middleweight.

  • It was Jake LaMotta, Raging Bull Jake, one of the all time great middleweights, and he lost close.

  • He beat LaMotta in five other fights.

  • That was his only lost Floyd, one fighting guys above his weight division, £15 giving up the weight in their prime.

  • The next loss Robinson had, he was 130 win fighter the next time he lost to, and that was to a dude in his own division, he was a middleweight.

  • So is Randy Turpin.

  • And he knocked Turpin out in a rematch.

  • Not Floyd is among the all time greats, but he ain't number one.

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Happy Birthday toe Floyd Money, Mayweather Jr.

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Max says Floyd Mayweather is an all-time great, but he’s not number one! | Max Kellerman Show

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