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  • in the words of Stephen A.

  • Smith to the young kid that was trying to be funny and get some cloud.

  • Oh, no, you didn't.

  • Oh, no, you did it!

  • MBA.

  • Twitter is straight up drama.

  • There's nobody better suited to explain everyone's tweets than Kendrick Perkins himself.

  • Without further ado, Welcome to Master Perk Theater.

  • What's up?

  • Sports Nation is your boy, Kendrick Perkins, and we're back with Episode six or Master Perkier.

  • Let's get it first up.

  • Some God named Nate Duncan.

  • Anthony L was all over Twitter tonight with the dunk of the year.

  • He also has seven points on three or 14 shooting over seven on threes a night.

  • Let me tell you something, you are a bona fide hater.

  • Let that man be great.

  • That dunk was phenomenal.

  • Matter of fact, it wasn't a dunk of the year.

  • It might have been the best duck that I've seen in the last 10 years.

  • Cleanse your soul.

  • Stop hating on this young man.

  • Let him get this flower.

  • Carry on.

  • You're free, agent your your before your dad.

  • Yeah, let's talk about that for a second.

  • And matter of fact, Trae Young wanted to chime in as well.

  • Probably should have asked them how to be a M v p in the league.

  • You probably wanna play first laughing emoji hand over my face, emoji and shaking my head.

  • In the words of Stephen A.

  • Smith to the young kid that was trying to be funny and get some cloud.

  • Oh, no, you didn't.

  • Oh, no, you didn't.

  • You gotta learn to respect your elders, young man.

  • Okay, look, you have a m v p right in front of you, and the most you could do is try to make a joke and get laughed instead of asking him real questions about how can I get to this level you gonna learn today?

  • You gonna learn today because you might not have that opportunity ever again in your life?

  • Cherish those moments.

  • This is a learning experience.

  • I wish my kids would disrespect any elder like that.

  • They will have to smell my cologne when they get home.

  • Carry on.

  • Now we're going to take it to Cam Newton I, g Pope.

  • Instead of speaking of going back and forth with a child, I wanted to have a man to man conversation with his father.

  • Hey, Cam.

  • Listen, you're absolutely right.

  • Now get where you're coming from.

  • But this wing deans and all this type of fund that you've got going on This ain't for me, okay?

  • I'm a country boy from both my texas.

  • I speak with broken English.

  • I have trouble reading regular funds.

  • Okay, Now you're coming with this wingding.

  • This just ain't it.

  • All right?

  • If you're going to type something, doing regular for me, all right?

  • I need to understand it better.

  • Okay, carry on.

  • Last but not least, I am a war.

  • If you're over 25 Melo is Carmelo Anthony, Period.

  • Listen, it's only one Melo, okay?

  • I love Lemelle a ball, because Melo Anthony is the Onley mellow that I know and the only mellow you should know.

  • And that's it for my episode of Master per theater.

  • Yeah.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

in the words of Stephen A.

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