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  • I am mine, Katie.

  • Just knowing a very good mood.

  • Sorry to hear that, Dodge.

  • Maybe you can tell me about it and I can try and help.

  • Well, I'm sad And I'll tell you why the rain keeps falling from the sky.

  • I can't ride my bike or fetch your board.

  • In fact, it's just no fun.

  • Oh, well, that's not true because with Wellies on our feet we can walk down a reigning street Let me tell you something about the rain So when it falls it won't feel like a shame When the last droplet falls to the ground there might be a rainbow to be found I like rainbow I know you do is like colorful treasure for me And for you Red, orange, yellow to in to go Violet green on blue rainbows Make me feel warm inside Now when it rains I won't hide We'll look for the rainbow in the sky way It makes me want to fly to the rainbow in the sky Beautiful rainbow in the sky Feel better now I feel so good now Oh, yeah I wake up in the morning It's a brand new day I'm ready to learn and I'm ready to play It's a big quite well but I'm only small so much to learn I want to learn it All my friends are kind And they show me the way Who will be the lucky want to teach me today It's me, Dodge Katie Hi, Dodge.

  • So, my friend Dodge, what do you wanna know?

  • Take your time and we could take it Slow learning is fun We can learn together inside and outside In any weather This letter Scarlett numbers and shapes To make it fun to discover And do we could learn about sun on the sea Come and learn some cool facts with learning is fun It is fun fun for me and you letting is fun It is fun fun to discover other on dealing is fun It is fun fun for both me and you Learning is fun It is fun, fun to discover on do that's not Let's play a color game Okay, Okay.

  • I'm going to call out some colors and you need to find items that match those colors.

  • Sounds good.

  • You can help me.

  • Will you find a color with me?

  • Which one will it be?

  • will you find a color with me to find Green?

  • Would be lovely.

  • Okay.

  • Something green?

  • Yeah, you're right.

  • Look, the rug is green.

  • Looks a little bit like grass.

  • Well done.

  • What's next?

  • Will you find a color with me?

  • Which one will it be?

  • Will you find a color with me to find red?

  • Would be lovely.

  • Something red behind May Yeah.

  • Look.

  • There's red next to the window on red in the rainbow, Red in the window, Red in the rainbow.

  • Great work.

  • Will you find a color with me?

  • Which more will it be?

  • Will you find a color with me to find yellow?

  • Would be lovely.

  • Something yellow?

  • Yeah, the yellow sofa.

  • Well done.

  • I'm not finding colors.

  • Why don't you play a color game today?

  • Thanks for your help.

  • My ears are good for hearing and listening all around.

  • Oh, what's that sound?

  • What's that sound?

  • It's the water in the black hole.

  • My is they help me.

  • Listen, discovering things all around.

  • Interesting.

  • What's that sound?

  • What's that sound?

  • It's the doorbell and thank you is you Help me.

  • Listen, discovering the wild around you can use your ears to what can you hear?

  • What's that sound?

  • What's that?

  • Sounds my hungry.

  • Tammy.

  • Oh, mhm.

I am mine, Katie.

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Discover and Do Learning is Fun Song Compilation | CBeebies House

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