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  • Richard Jefferson.

  • Matt Barnes still with us, and we now welcome in the Hall of Famer Jackie MacMullan and Jackie.

  • We learned yesterday.

  • Both Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum earned All Star reserve spots, which makes the Celtics the Onley team currently under 500 to have multiple all stars.

  • Brown discussed why he doesn't quite feel like an All Star despite averaging 25 points per game on the seasons.

  • Take quick, listen, doesn't don't feel very much like we lost our because I think this is the most.

  • I've lost his opinion as the Celtic and we gotta find ways to win.

  • I mean, I still think we've been playing better than we have earlier in the season.

  • Eso I'm hopeful that well, let's turn some games together and make a run like it's very much in our grass to do so.

  • It was just a matter of home, alright now Jayson Tatum expressed similar thoughts during his media availability.

  • So, Jackie, what do you think?

  • Looking at this team from above here, I know inside they might not feel like they're worthy, but do you question the Celtics getting two all star spots?

  • I don't and that clip that you just played a Jalen Brown makes me think he's an All Star even more because he's caring about the team right now instead of an individual honor that someday he'll be really, really happy about.

  • There's a lot of things wrong with the Boston Celtics.

  • Rachel, uh, two of them are not Jayson Tatum or Jalen Brown there in the top 15 and scoring both of them.

  • And you were talking before about what coaches look for when they put all star reserves.

  • They like vets.

  • They also like players that air two way players.

  • And that's both what Brown and Tatum have been from the beginning of their careers.

  • And they're just each of them are getting better and better that this year.

  • Marcus Smart will help when he comes back.

  • But Kemba is in Camba.

  • We've talked about that ad nauseum.

  • You know, they need a big wing that could defend.

  • They need someone that can facilitate.

  • They need.

  • Someone can pass the ball more for them and someone that could work off the dribble.

  • And you know what they need.

  • They need Gordon Hayward, a Z you're describing that I was like, Wait, they had one of those absolutely did have one of those.

  • Yeah, they look they weren't gonna pay that price tag for Gordon Hayward.

  • Let let's just be honest, but no, I I agree completely with Jackie.

  • I I think Jalen Brown, his narrative for All Star.

  • He came out the Gates super strong and another thing that coaches like coaches like rewarding players that grow every single year that get better every single year because they can see that player putting in the work because coaches have to game plan differently there.

  • Like last year, we were able just to do this to slow Jalen Brown, and he keeps adding things to his game.

  • That's why coaches elect him as an All Star game as an All Star player.

  • But let's also say this, even though there's only one, uh, they're only one game under 500.

  • There's only three teams in the Eastern Conference that air two games arm or above 500 so they're kind of right in the middle of the pack.

  • When you look at comparing them to other teams in the Eastern Conference, there's only three there, so everybody else is basically where the Boston Celtics are are below great point.

  • You know this team is one game under 500 but they could go on a three or four game winning streak and be a top four team in the East Um Tatum a Brown or one of the best young duels we have in this game.

  • So I completely agree they both definitely deserved to be an All Star.

  • But, Richard, you understand you remember back when we played the dog days of the summer?

  • Was that January time getting the All Star break because everyone was looking forward to, Ah, a break from your team?

  • Ah, little recovery.

  • A little relaxation.

  • Look for Boston to kind of do the same things, although Jackie pointed out, they do have some holes.

  • I think this short break, we'll do this.

  • Um, good.

  • And like I said there, you know a four or five game winning streak out of being a third or fourth place team in the Eastern Conference.

  • Let's not kid ourselves.

  • Anybody is that kind of winning streak about being third or fourth in the Eastern Conference because there's Onley.

  • Four teams over 500.

  • Still right now, still on Lee, four in the entire conference.

  • Jackie, this is a problem.

  • It's really it's been getting to me.

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Richard Jefferson.

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