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  • No, we talk about the Shawn Watson we're going to keep talking about when I ask people you know what's good.

  • What's the deal with Watson?

  • They say, Why would the Texans trade him?

  • You think about if you're Houston, if you give up a stud.

  • Q.

  • B, you're gonna want to study Q B in return and look at the field.

  • Who could do that?

  • A couple of teams.

  • Jacksonville with the number one pick the Jets.

  • Although we've heard from Schefter and Mortensen that that's not gonna happen in Miami.

  • So if you're another team, you might have the draft picks.

  • But do you have a stud Q B to give the Houston Texans?

  • I don't know.

  • Well, that that's one of the questions.

  • When you mentioned the piece about Schefty and more, they're talking about the role that to Shaun himself will play in this decision.

  • He may not be so enthusiastic about going to the Jets, but to your point, yes, they do have a lot of green.

  • How could you let your, uh my fandom is probably the single best thing they have going for them right now, but that's a whole separate issue for another time.

  • But Tim Hasselbeck, you're making an interesting point because I think we have talked about to Shawn Watson, and by we, I mean the larger way.

  • Everyone around the world of football as though he is basically already a former Texan.

  • But you're making the point in our meeting this morning.

  • Maybe there is a case to be made for them, not trading him well, listen, you would have to get a lot in return and look at the compensation for Matthew Stafford.

  • You know, Watson is a younger, ascending player who's under contract for a while, and so if you're the Texans, look, it better be a king's ransom to move him.

  • And I understand the bad blood.

  • But there's a new regime there.

  • There's a new GM.

  • There's a new head coach and I would be doing everything possible to try to salvage the relationship, because when you really look at it, look, it really it really comes down to one issue.

  • He was upset about how it was communicated to him about his involvement in the hiring of the new GM and head coach.

  • So if you can't get past that, uh, then I think I think that's a problem.

  • I think you need to try to get past that.

  • And I would be really reluctant if I was Nicosia, Rio, if I was David Cully in terms of moving on from Watson because he seems unhappy right now.

  • All right, So you're Nikos Aereo now.

  • Mike Tannenbaum, how are you handling this?

  • You have continuously made the point on this show that with every day that goes by, they have a bigger and bigger problem.

  • So there's there's whatever urgency your feeling on that side.

  • And then there's the hope that it doesn't ever go away on the other side.

  • So how do you handle it?

  • Great.

  • What's catastrophic for them is if they don't do something now, greeny and then they get into September.

  • And he doesn't show up much what happened with Jalen Ramsey in Jacksonville.

  • So if I'm Nick osario, I sit down with Shawn Watson, his agent.

  • I try to work it out.

  • If I can't, I cut my losses right now and maximize the compensation I should get.

  • Because again, worst case scenario, we get into the season.

  • You're trying to establish a new head coach, David Cully, you don't have the player.

  • And now I'll send.

  • You don't have anybody else behind it because you thought he was gonna be his quarterback.

  • That is the worst case scenario.

  • And greeny, there's another big intangible here.

  • There's not gonna be any free agent who has a choice.

  • That's gonna go to Houston right now until this situation is clarified.

  • Yeah, so they they have all sorts of things lined up against them.

  • But Kimberly, you were making the point, as we were talking earlier, that if they if they call his bluff and I put that in air quotes because I don't think most people think he's bluffing.

  • But if they do, they really do put the ball in his court.

  • To the extent that he's got to do a lot of things this fall, if he's still on that roster, that would seem to be out of keeping with his personality.

  • Yeah, when you people that know Dawson, they describe, he's a good kid.

  • That's the first thing they say.

  • We've seen the work that he's done in the community.

  • He was just doing stuff this weekend.

  • You know, this is a guy that cares about the city of Houston that cares about his team.

  • It's a good locker room guy.

  • So if you're the Houston Texans, you that August September, is he going to show up?

  • That's the real key.

  • I don't know if anyone expects that Jason Will will not show up, because that seems so quote out of character.

  • But if you're the Texans right now, you can say, Okay, maybe we didn't hire the GM.

  • You wanted to the head coach, but what we have in David Cully is a guy who was respected around the league and experienced guy Ah, guy that we brought in who we think can make you and this team better.

  • And the casserole, who may not have been your choice but has been a coveted GM Canada for a long time.

  • So that's Houston can say we have these pieces to make the situation better for you.

  • All right, we will see.

  • As of right now, he doesn't seem to be willing to give them a chance.

  • Maybe he will ultimately have no choice.

  • Well, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

No, we talk about the Shawn Watson we're going to keep talking about when I ask people you know what's good.

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