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  • you know what is nice is that you're getting to show on curb your enthusiasm.

  • You're getting to show this side of you where you could be impatient with Larry.

  • You can be you can be angry with Larry You can disagree with are you can be mean toe Larry, and it's appropriate because Larry deserves it.

  • Let's face it, absolutely.

  • And I think that's your job People talk about, you know, Are you playing yourself?

  • Our version of you know, you have your A function you're not a character on curb your function, and your function is to drive Larry into a corner until he gets so you know, tight that he comes out exploding, he comes out mawr, Larry more inappropriate, um, or whatever, so that it's basically the same.

  • When you go out to dinner with him, you know, you just first off, he's so generous with his laughter in real life, a lot of standups aren't that way.

  • A lot of standups are kind of No, no, I make the jokes kind of thing.

  • He loves you to be funny and loves the laugh at his own expense.

  • So you basically even going out to dinner you try to find ways new ways of insulting him and making him laugh, which is pretty much the same thing you do when you goto work.

  • The thing that's weird about Larry.

  • I don't think a lot of people know is that he'll meet you for dinner, but not not at your house or not at his house.

  • It has to be a restaurant.

  • Do you know what the reason is for that?

  • Yes, because he doesn't want to be hemmed in by, uh, you know, societal norms.

  • Which means when you're invited to dinner, you stay through dessert.

  • Hey, gets halfway through.

  • If he gets any kind of a cheetah, he's up and out.

  • He wants to be a so he can't do it in a restaurant can.

  • We went out to dinner.

  • I think it was Woody Harrelson, Pete Fairly and myself.

  • And maybe someone else.

  • We're gonna meet Larry for dinner.

  • We were all together in the afternoon, and it was sounded like, great fun.

  • So we all get there even a little early.

  • So And the maitre D says, Well, Mr uh, David is seated over there, and we show up, and he is literally halfway through his entree.

  • He's already ordered because on a whim, he's decided.

  • I think I'll have more fun if I go call this lady friend.

  • I know.

  • Yeah, something.

  • Yeah, well, he's right, you know.

  • But nevertheless, no qualms about totally blowing off any kind of right he wants to.

  • He knows that in a restaurant he can say, I'm done, I'm out, I'm gone and he could do it 10 minutes in, throw in his share and be gone.

  • But you can't do that at someone's house.

  • So he's got the whole thing stopped going to people's homes s.

  • You know, Larry's character is someone who's always saying the wrong thing on his show.

  • You yourself have said that you're prone to a faux pas.

  • Occasionally you got a great word faux pas.

  • It sounds like a faux pas.

  • Yeah, and it does.

  • Actually.

  • I used to pronounce it faux ax pass on.

  • Then I realized I someone corrected me about a year ago, but yeah, so pause a great word, and you seem like someone who, if you did, if you made a faux pas was because you were maybe trying too hard to be nice and maybe said the wrong thing.

  • Is that Is that where these come from?

  • It's that whole charming, you know?

  • Um, yeah, I'm trying to think of the I've done a couple of them.

  • My favorite was pretty much 1st.

  • 1st, several interview interviews I did for cheers.

  • And it was very heady and exciting.

  • Somebody actually asked you a bunch of questions and a appeared to be so interested in everything you were saying.

  • So I was just full of myself, and it was a wonderful interview, and I was charming.

  • And it was around the same time that Dr Kevorkian was doing a lot of assisted suicide.

  • It was very controversial.

  • It was a big thing in the news at the time.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, Euthanasia.

  • Where you help people pass on.

  • Uh, and I went through my interview, sailed through, and then he said, One last question.

  • Uh, what do you think of euthanasia?

  • And I went What?

  • You know, I think they're pretty much the same world over.

  • I could just see his eyes.

you know what is nice is that you're getting to show on curb your enthusiasm.

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Ted Danson On Dining Out With Larry David - CONAN on TBS

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