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  • this'll.

  • Woman gave up a multimillion dollar business, just four dogs and she does not regret it at all.

  • Who is she?

  • Why did she do this?

  • And how much money did she give up on the small island off Siri Lanka?

  • I found a Tara.

  • Hi, I'm a Tara.

  • I'm giving street dogs a better chance at life.

  • Tara is no ordinary woman.

  • She's a real life superhero for the most ignored animals in her country.

  • Street dogs.

  • You see, in Sir Lanka, there are about 1 to 3 million street dogs today.

  • Most of them need immediate help.

  • And Utara knew this was a huge problem and she wanted to fix it.

  • But for this she needed money, lots off money.

  • So she went into business.

  • She started selling clothes from the back off her car and she started making a small profit.

  • Then she started to grow her business and she opened a shop.

  • She took $50 from her family and set up her first shop and called it Odell.

  • My business always reflected my love for animals.

  • The first products I sold was Sonia T shirts showing three Lanka's wildlife.

  • Soon enough, her shop became very popular.

  • And, oh, Tara was able to turn her tiny shop into, ah, huge department store.

  • Think Macy's in America.

  • It was the first one off its kind in the whole, off Siri Lanka.

  • I was the first woman in my country to take a company public, and I ended up opening 16 stores later.

  • In no time, she became a successful businesswoman, and that is when she could help those who desperately needed help.

  • Street dogs.

  • She started with one puppy lying on the side of the road.

  • She picked him up and took him home to take care of him, and she called him Nico.

  • And then she started Ah, whole new company dedicated to helping animals way, sir.

  • Clothes and accessories that helped funds are different rehabilitation and rescue programs and at the same time conveys a positive message about saving animals.

  • She hired local dog lovers, launched a rescue and treatment program on, even created a pet ambulance.

  • She worked day and 9th, 9th and day, and today, or Tara has managed to improve the lines off over 18,000 stray dogs.

  • I became bigger than I ever expected, and there came a point where I needed to focus on one thing that I loved most.

  • Eventually she decided to sell her multimillion dollar business and focus on helping dogs.

  • You will find her in Sierra Lenka working toe.

  • Give a voice to those without a voice.

  • Okay, So bad.

  • Hi, baby.

  • Hi.

  • Oh, be careful.

  • People like, Oh, Tara, show us that really success does not come from having a business or fancy things.

  • Really.

  • Success comes on Lee from helping others.

  • Hey, everybody.

  • Thank you so much for watching Nass.

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She Gave Up Millions To Save Dogs

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/23
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