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  • sounds to me like you're anticipating a scorched earth tour for Bill in New England this year, but the question Lewis's who's his quarterback going to be?

  • Yeah, that's a great question.

  • That's first and foremost greeny what he's gonna have to address.

  • But the reason why I made those comments was this.

  • Haven't talked to him twice this past year for Monday Night Football on on those production calls, I could just tell you this.

  • The frustration was palpable.

  • I mean, it came through on those zoom calls in a way that you could just you could feel just how frustrated he was that one.

  • He knew that he was kind of undermanned as faras his football team in the in the weapons that he had that he couldn't do the things that he was used to doing.

  • He couldn't get his team to play that consistently high level like he was used to doing.

  • And you could tell that it frustrated him and you could just tell and you knew that.

  • Come this come this offseason, given the fact that they were gonna have upwards of $70 million in cap space, he's gonna have some freedom to now go out and get some of the parts that he needs.

  • Starting with quarterback moving on to getting more explosive on the perimeter as far as their ability to strike down the football field, getting more pass rushers getting bigger up front, whereas where he has always invested, invested on defense, getting more playmakers at linebacker.

  • I'm just telling you, you know, he's motivated.

  • He's one of the best coaches of all time.

  • It's not the very best coach of all time, in my opinion, and he has now the means with which to address these situations for his football team.

  • He's not going to take this past year just sitting down and go.

  • You know what?

  • I had my time, the guys coming back with a vengeance and I can't wait to see it unfold.

  • Once again, we will call it the scorched Earth tour.

  • It worked for us once before for us again.

  • But Jeff, the really big question is Jeff Darlington.

  • Who's this quarter?

  • His options?

  • Who could his quarterback B well again, greenie like I'm not trying to deflect around your question, but to me, that's the reason why this scorched earth tour comes with questions.

  • You can't go on a tour without a lead singer, and I just don't think that the Patriots know what direction exactly they're going yet.

  • And when they do figure it out, I think we can have this conversation again.

  • I understand his motivation.

  • I understand his brilliance, But we're now in a league where Sean McVeigh, the prodigy wonder child of the NFL, sent his quarterback packing.

  • Jared Goff wasn't good enough to succeed in what he believes he needs.

  • The quarterback position has never been more important than it is right now.

  • Andy Reid.

  • His brilliant career took until two years ago because he had Patrick Mahomes until Bill Belichick addresses the quarterback position.

  • I just don't see how we can assume that he will be successful in 2021 despite the fact that I still want to say I agree with everything Louis usually says.

  • Well, so to the point.

  • So Louis, you played for Bill Belichick mighty.

  • You worked with Bill Belichick, and you have in fact, saw nude with the man.

  • So So I would ask you that if he is right now sitting somewhere in a shit, he's sitting there right now, What do you think he is contemplating?

  • What?

  • What do you think makes sense toe anticipate for him doing at quarterback?

  • Maybe a 12 punch?

  • Yeah, I just learned a new verb, So thank you if you do.

  • An autopsy of what Bill Belichick looks for quarterbacks processing information and intelligence is number one Tom Brady.

  • Jacoby ver set Brian Hoyer, Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • They're all smart quarterback.

  • So if you look at that through the lens of what he may do going forward, I look at maybe signing a veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick, maybe trying to acquire Marcus Mariota and then also going after someone like Mac Jones.

  • It's the old Bill Belichick Nick Saban connection.

  • Bill Bell checks drafted 10 players that Nick Saban has coach.

  • I don't think he'd be there at 15.

  • I think he would have to go up there above eight to get him.

  • But as Jeff and Loose alluded to, I think he's gonna be super aggressive.

  • And one other thing that's worth noting here greeny is that no team had Mawr opt outs than New England did last year.

  • They had eight of them, so they're already off to a great offseason.

  • by getting back a lot of good players, most notably someone like Dont'a Hightower.

  • So don't write them off yet.

  • Bill Belichick is coming back, and I do think they are going to attack the quarterback position.

  • Oh, yes, I mean, write off Bill Belichick at your own peril.

  • Of that, there seems to be no question, but with him in mind, because you guys know him so well, I did want to put this quote up.

  • So Cam Newton and a fascinating interview in which he said a lot of different things.

  • One of the things he said was I think Bill Belichick is the most misunderstood person in all the sports.

  • He is dope as blank, and I'll let you guess what the final word there is.

  • And so, Louis, I will just ask you again.

  • Having played for him on I can't believe I'm asking this.

  • But how dope is Bill Belichick?

  • What?

  • Look, I think you know, I think I've seen mawr of that side of him now than I did when I was playing for him, because when I was playing for him, Bill was this kind of really getting cutting his teeth.

  • So to speak as a head coach and look, he's a taskmaster.

  • He's a taskmaster of all taskmasters, man.

  • And he didn't have a lot of time for, you know, a lot of a lot of dope nous, so to speak.

  • But I'll say this when you talk to him now, he is much more open toe, really sharing and letting you in on like how he feels personally, how he feels philosophically letting his emotions show.

  • And, you know, in the times that he did loosen up when we were in Cleveland.

  • He is a guy who does have a sense of humor.

  • Look, he likes to talk about the same things that we all like to talk about as guys when we all get together and just chopping it up.

  • He is no different than the rest of us, man.

  • Okay, he's no different than the rest of us.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

sounds to me like you're anticipating a scorched earth tour for Bill in New England this year, but the question Lewis's who's his quarterback going to be?

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Belichick is 'coming back with a vengeance,' but who will be the Pats' QB? - Louis Riddick | Get Up

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