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  • Come on.

  • Just tell her the truth.

  • Everything's about to change

  • Here's Will Hawkins' file.

  • Social Services put everything in there.

  • You didn't tell me this was church camp.

  • It's gonna be great!

  • -Nope! -Come on.

  • What's with the name? "Ah-weedge-away."

  • Aweegaway. Every once in a while, somebody is just a week away

  • from an experience that changed everything for them.

  • -I'm Avery. -Nice to meet you.

  • -What's her story? -Way out of your league. Trust me.

  • Her dad owns the place.

  • If I'm gonna fit in here, I have to be something I'm not.

  • Well, this'll be fun.

  • Good luck, Will.

  • You're gonna need it.

  • Was the singing too much? I couldn't decide.

  • No, no. That's what got me.

  • -The singing? -Um-hum.

  • Nice.

  • You are perfect, aren't you?

  • No.

  • I'm, like, trying to be what everybody expects me to be.

  • It is exhausting.

  • I totally get it.

  • Looking for a reason

  • Roaming through the night To find my place in this world

  • It's been so long since I felt so connected.

  • My place in this world

  • He's lying to you.

  • Will isn't who he says he is.

  • So what? Do you just run away?

  • You don't know anything about me.

  • -You're not gonna believe me-- -I don't need you to fix me.

  • -I'm not trying to fix you, Will! -Yeah, right.

  • There's nothing better  We're feeling alright

  • Your parents would be really proud of you.

  • Together

  • This is the best thing This is the best thing ever! ♪

  • There's nothing better We're out in the light

  • Moving to the rhythm of the time of our lives

  • Woah, woah, oh, oh, oh

  • This is the best thing ever

Come on.

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