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  • So, whether or not you're a fan, I'm sure that  you've heard this song and today we're going to  

  • be learning English with it along with two more  of The Weeknd hits! Be warned his songs include  

  • vulgar language and topics like drugs so if  you are sensitive to these then you might  

  • want to check out a more family-friendly  lesson by cleaning up here. And by the way,  

  • if you are new here every single week we  help you to understand your favorite movies,  

  • series, songs and more without getting  lost, without missing the jokes,  

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  • While in careful speech this would be "out of  your league," when we use rapid speech it becomes  

  • "ou-duh-yur league." Let's see a couple more  examples of this common case of connected speech!

  • All right, so now let's move on to The Weeknd's  next hit which has been rated as the most popular  

  • song of 2020 globally! Real quick though, I have  a question: do you get frustrated when natives  

  • speak really fast? Well I want to help. That's  why we created this Master Class that will help  

  • you to understand natives no matter how fast we  speak, by learning the vocabulary that natives  

  • really use every day, pronunciation, how we cut  and connect our words together, understanding all  

  • of the jokes by learning about the culture. And  it's absolutely free! You will not find it here  

  • on youtube so you can learn more and sign up by  going up here or down in the description below.

  • If you're loving learning with The Weeknd  songs then don't stop now! Over on our  

  • Instagram at reallife.english you will find  a lesson with another one of his hit songs.  

  • Plus every day you can get more fun and  fast lessons with your favorite movies,  

  • series and more! Now, let's learn with  the final song "I can't feel my face."

  • Have you been enjoying learning with The WeekndThen next I recommend you learn with another music  

  • lesson like the recent one that we created  with Dua Lipa or tons more that we have in  

  • this playlist of lessons with songs. You'll  find that by clicking up here or down in the  

  • description below. Now, let's wrap up today's  lesson by testing everything you've learned!

So, whether or not you're a fan, I'm sure that  you've heard this song and today we're going to  

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