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  • At MIT we know

  • that by joining forces

  • you can solve problems in a deeper way, in a richer way,

  • and in a broader way, in a more impactful way.

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  • Clearly, climate change is one of the most  

  • important challenges of our time, if not  the most important one.

  • And time is ticking.

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  • So everyone, every entity, every component of our society

  • has to participate towards that solution.

  • MIT has launched a new initiative called the  grand challenges initiative

  • in developing new ways to address challenging problems that we face in climate

  • that cross-cut the entire institute.

  • But we have to find ways in  which those solutions, those ideas,

  • that science can move into the economy to actually  really make progress in decarbonizing economy

  • One of the ways that you enable technologies, discoveries, scientific advances

  • to make more of an impact, or to make an impact faster is by working closely with industry.

  • Because they know what the real problems are related to scaling up  a given technology or a given solution.

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  • As soon as we realized that this was an opportunity, and that we can participate and make a big difference  

  • the Dean of Engineering, Anantha Chandrakasan, working very closely with

  • Jeffrey Grossman and Elsa Olivetti

  • created this consortium with companies that want to be part of the solution.  

  • A lot of these companies have climate goals. They have aggressive climate goals.

  • And we're not just linking together the climate goals of  each of these industries.

  • We're linking together and looking for opportunities in

  • all of the supply chains that support those goals, that support those industries.

  • So as you can imagine this is a complicated problem

  • but that's exactly why it matters that we do this right now,

  • why it matters that we do this collaboratively.

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  • This is really an effort for the whole of MIT

  • to work with the whole of society, in this particular case with industries 

  • that can move those ideas  very quickly into the economy.

  • And I'm certain that by working together

  • we can do this.

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At MIT we know

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