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  • maths is all around us.

  • It's almost impossible to think of something that's made without the help of mathematics, buildings, transport, technology, medicine, even clothes and food, or rely on numbers, measurements and sums.

  • Early pioneers discovered and explored the world using great ingenuity and varied mathematical skills, navigating by the sun and stars to find their way by measuring their position on relation to key points on Earth, they could navigate on travel thousands of kilometers.

  • The surface of the earth can be divided like a chessboard with the lines of latitude on longitude.

  • Using maths Onda tool called a sexton navigators could find their latitude and longitude by measuring the angle between two objects relative to the horizon.

  • It was very complicated involving calculations, celestial maps on charts.

  • The principle was that an object would be positioned above a certain point of latitude and longitude at a particular time of day.

  • This made positioning possible.

  • Now, every point on each line has its own number, known as a coordinate.

  • So it's possible to find anywhere on the globe with just two numbers where the lines cross modern computers using similar maths, confined any location using the global positioning system, or GPS.

  • This network of 24 satellites 18,000 kilometers above the Earth is capable of locating any position to within 3.5 m and tracking journeys to any destination.

  • GPS was originally developed for the U.

  • S military but is today available in numerous vehicles on Elektronik devices.

  • So how does GPS calculate your position with the same mathematical measurements that our ancestors used?

  • Let's say you want to find your current position using GPS at all times.

  • You are in the line of sight of a least four satellites.

  • A minimum of three.

  • Locate your position using latitude and longitude.

  • By measuring the distance and angle between three satellites and your smartphone.

  • They can pinpoint you exactly.

  • The fourth calculates your altitude.

  • This network of orbiting satellites constantly transmit signals at the speed of light, so all this happens in the blink of an eye complex.

  • Maths then visualizes your position in a three D landscape.

  • Even if you are at the top of a mountain, GPS technology can now be found everywhere.

  • The same technology also makes it possible to remotely pilot small vehicles and has turned the driverless car into a reality maths made it possible for our ancestors to discover the world on today.

  • Maths makes it easier than ever for us to travel the globe using whatever form of transport we wish.

maths is all around us.

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