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  • I think the whole meaning around somebody getting posterized is you know that it's almost like time stands still and all the cameras are flashing at the same time.

  • It's a nice poster on somebody's well host around Dwight Howard.

  • It's a shot of life.

  • You feel superhuman, Mhm.

  • Be able to go out here and posterized somebody just to take the life out of him means everything.

  • I really don't give a damn who is out there on the court.

  • Whoever gets down here below this rim is getting dunked on.

  • That's a poster.

  • You know, I'm thinking of all these posters that I have as a kid like the rock, the baby doctor Jail on Michael Cooper.

  • Like John Kip Dominique.

  • I said I want that feeling.

  • I want to do that.

  • When I dunk on somebody, I would go to a nerve food and just imagine doing this on somebody who's a seven footer.

  • Oh, being finished rib.

  • Okay.

  • God.

  • God else rise, please.

  • I'm coming in from the left side.

  • Michael Cooper is coming straight down the middle of the court and I see him flying in like a banshee Out of hell.

  • Hey, duck.

  • So he wouldn't hit his head on the river, going to be stolen.

  • But the doctor Yes, he's got it.

  • Kerry comes way rock the baby to sleep with a slam dunk.

  • Just became one of those places that are so memorable.

  • Jeff's got it right up into the mouth.

  • Yeah, the whisper space.

  • We call that the list of blister.

  • It belittles the person Nobody wants to be dark over my greatest inspirations.

  • And Duncan, of course you got Michael Jordan with his style, and Grace was just fun to watch.

  • Oh, straight to a poster.

  • He never Don't you never put you on the highlight?

  • No, No way off the idea of my forces.

  • But there's no happy.

  • You can't think that came here off because he doesn't wanna be.

  • Oh, listen, this goes back in the archives and get Michael shakes the finger.

  • He said I never dunked on him and I said, Well, I'm eventually get you before I leave the game.

  • Here comes the train.

  • Oh, just shut the gravity right out of the building.

  • Suck the gravity right out of the building.

  • Never have I've seen the home team play.

  • Highlights off the opposing team They played that in that arena over and over again.

  • You heard the crowd go.

  • Hmm.

  • Play before when I went to the hole when I laid the ball up, Caroline coz under the basket and he looked at me and he laughed like, All right, dude, I'm gonna let you get this one, like, don't do it again Next time you come to the homes making out of here.

  • And I was like, You know what?

  • If I get a step, I'm gonna try.

  • Hello?

  • E was like, Oh, e got care.

  • Link up.

  • Never in my life did I think that I would be able to jump over a human being.

  • There was a dunk over 7 ft two guy in the Olympics.

  • No bigger stage than that on If that doesn't do it for you, then I don't know what will.

  • When I first started hearing guys in the league come in and say, Man, when I was in middle school, I had your poster over my bed.

  • I had it on my wall.

  • There's that young kid like Vince Carter who was watching saying, I want to do that.

  • That's where we get our motivation from our inspiration.

  • That's where way.

  • Go outside on our goals, lower the rim and practice those dunks that we see on TV.

  • The thing that kind of brings me peace and joy, that when you can inspire people that come after you, that lets you know you've done something right.

  • There's so many like crazy athletes.

  • I think exactly being Aaron Gordon Spider Mitch is I think it has the potential.

  • If you could surpass the heights that existed before you on move the bar up a little bit higher.

  • Thanet becomes a great challenge for the next generation.

  • And Edwards put that out of posters.

  • I've seen that with Dominique, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, There's always the next guy up.

  • It's not to replace the guy before him.

  • It's to join the club.

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I think the whole meaning around somebody getting posterized is you know that it's almost like time stands still and all the cameras are flashing at the same time.

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