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  • I am always.

  • Well, there's only one more thing to find.

  • Grand grand, the buzz of lie.

  • I love butterflies.

  • Lots of fly.

  • That's a fine Oh, you're not a butterfly.

  • Oh, do you know what this is?

  • Jo Jo?

  • Mm.

  • It's not in my nature.

  • Tick book.

  • This is a caterpillar.

  • Hello, little caterpillar.

  • Finding this caterpillar means in a way, we've almost found a butterfly.

  • Almost found a butterfly.

  • What do you mean, grand grand?

  • This little caterpillar is nothing like a butterfly.

  • It's little one furry and it doesn't have wings.

  • That's true.

  • But one day this very little caterpillar will change into a butterfly with beautiful, colorful wings.

  • Really?

  • This little caterpillar will change into a butterfly.

  • Mm, It's amazing.

  • A caterpillar hatches from a tiny egg.

  • Then caterpillar eat, eat on eat until it's ready to change into a butterfly.

  • Not yet.

  • It needs a bit more time.

  • Once the caterpillar has eaten enough, it hangs upside down on changes into a chrysalis.

  • Ooh, it looks like a leave Grand grand.

  • It does, doesn't it?

  • The caterpillar stays that way for a long time as it changes into a butterfly.

I am always.

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