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  • to take advantage of the Xbox ones.

  • Game sharing features you'll need to log into the main Xbox Live account and the secondary Xbox Live account that you want to share with.

  • This needs to be done on two different Xboxes, and you need to set up the my home Xbox settings for both users.

  • On both Xbox is We will call the person that owns the games they're willing to share Player one and the person who wants to receive the games player, too.

  • First Player one will have toe Add Player two's account to their Xbox.

  • To do this, click the Xbox Guide button on the controller, then go to the far right profile and system menu.

  • Click, add or switch, then click.

  • Add New Theun Have Player to log into their Xbox Live account.

  • Now that the second account is logged in, you need to change its profile settings.

  • So the Xbox Player one is currently on becomes Player two's home Xbox Thesis.

  • How player to Will Access Player Ones.

  • Game library.

  • Click the Xbox Guide button on your controller, then go to the far right profile Insistent menu.

  • Click settings on the Left, Click General and on the right click personalization.

  • Then at the bottom Click My Home Xbox.

  • Here you will have the option to make player one's Xbox player two's home Xbox.

  • To do so click.

  • Make this my home Xbox.

  • Repeat the steps shown before for both Xboxes.

  • For both users, you're now sharing your Xbox gold membership and games with a friend or family member.

  • Now Player to just needs to sign in and play.

  • What other questions you have about Xbox.

  • Leave a comment below.

to take advantage of the Xbox ones.

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How To Gameshare On Xbox One

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