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  • What's first.

  • C J.

  • McCollum was blank to poke fun at LeBron's logo.

  • Three attempt.

  • He was brash.

  • There was another word I wanted to use, but this is a family show and I can't use it.

  • Let me just point something out.

  • You don't go out there and make fun of LeBron like that and show those crying and laughing.

  • Emojis.

  • You ought to remember that last year in the playoffs, you won the first game against LeBron and that's the Onley game, you one.

  • And then you and Mr Who Olu were swept out of the playoffs.

  • Alright, so LeBron has a good memory.

  • LeBron is not gonna forget that you made fun of him.

  • It's gonna be like Tom Brady when Tom Brady picked out that D be in Pittsburgh, made fun of him and two touchdown passes right at him and then got in his face afterwards.

  • LeBron's going to do that to McCollum.

  • Tony is defiant for all the reasons that you just stated its defiant and that's what I love about the Blazers, particularly their backcourt of McCollum and day.

  • My is like, Okay, you got us.

  • We're coming back at you again.

  • Old man.

  • This is what they're saying.

  • This sets up conflict.

  • It sets up drama.

  • What?

  • You were always a fan off.

  • You know, when your chosen situations this is good if they get to play each other.

  • And I think Portland, maybe the most worthy team other than Utah in the West off getting to the conference finals and playing against LeBron and the Lakers, it's set some controversy.

  • How can you be against it last year?

  • 4 to 1 and McCollum's minus 60 for defining 64?

  • I don't know about who next.

  • It's blank that the Milwaukee Bucks have lost four in a row.

  • It's inconsequential.

  • It's February.

  • Okay to Holiday didn't play in these games.

  • It's February and that I mentioned.

  • It's February.

  • Now that there's some statistics about Milwaukee, they're scary.

  • They're only better than one team.

  • Detroit In close games, that's a bad sign.

  • But teams get hot at some point.

  • Like Utah, they get cold at some point, like Milwaukee.

  • If this was happening in April, I would feel differently about it, and then people would say, Oh, Yannis is gonna leave, But he's not gonna leave.

  • So, in the words of the other guy from Wisconsin.

  • Relax.

  • Ha ha.

  • Tony.

  • Um, I'm not gonna disagree with any of that.

  • I'm gonna approach it from a different angle and say It's parody this.

  • There's only three teams that are out of it any given night in the n.

  • B.

  • A.

  • Sadly, one is where you live in Washington.

  • Uh, Minnesota and Detroit.

  • Everybody else tones with a couple of games of a playoff spot.

  • Even the Boston Celtics, who are in fourth place, are +11 game over 500.

  • The N B A.

  • Has had this.

  • How many times in the history of the NBA?

  • Never because usually there's six or seven teams getting all the winds is a small middle class off three or four teams.

  • Right now, Tony, you've got 26 teams.

  • At least that can say, Hey, wait a minute, we're still playing for something.

  • And that doesn't even happen after 30 games, normally in NFL first time ever parody.

  • I'm not saying I love it, but that's what it is.

What's first.

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