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  • and the message they sent toe.

  • LeBron, of course, is we're coming, but it's because game recognize game.

  • They're playing unselfish basketball.

  • Well, I just disagree with you.

  • I think that's engagement and hyperbole.

  • And it's unnecessary because the fact that the matter is that LeBron James, who doesn't know that James Harden has game, who doesn't know that Kyrie Irving has game?

  • LeBron knows because Kyrie o help to win the championship.

  • So, to me, that's nothing new.

  • What's new to me is the players that are making a contribution.

  • The level of unselfishness Kyrie, Irving and James Harden definitely needs to be given a lot of credit.

  • And then we need to engage in a little history here.

  • When James Harden was in Oklahoma City, although he was relatively young, you had people who believe that he was a better point guard then.

  • Russell Westbrook.

  • Not a better overall talent, cause we didn't see the scoring machine that James Harden would ultimately become in Houston, but they actually thought that he was a better point guard, that he made better decisions at the point guard spot even when he was young and in Oklahoma City coming off the bench for the Thunder.

  • So we understand that James Harden.

  • It's not a surprise that he has that court vision.

  • It's not a surprise that he has those point guards skills with their surprise was what he became offensively once he arrived in Houston is the number one option.

  • In the case of Kyrie Irvin, the level of unselfishness has to be applauded.

  • But also it comes down to what these brothers were doing.

  • TLC's Making shots Joe Joe Harris hits six or seven threes last night.

  • Glenn Chairman.

  • You know he hit two or three threes.

  • They are threats from the perimeter.

  • You can put the Brooklyn Nets can actually go eight or nine deep.

  • It's not just about the Big Three.

  • They can go eight or nine deep because you've got guys because you got guys that can shoot.

  • And at all times they can put one in most situations.

  • Two guys on the phone that you have to guard to free up those shooters.

  • Brooklyn is the favorite right now.

  • Favorites, right?

  • I don't think that the favorite yet.

  • They have to show that they can play defense, although they've also showed you're gonna have to outscore them.

  • The Lakers gonna have to score 120 130 points a game.

  • There are teams in the N B a right now better than them because they play defense, including the Lakers and the Jazz.

  • But what they did show is the Lakers gonna have to figure out where that 1 21 30 is gonna come from.

  • But let me be very clear, Stephen A.

  • The message they sent to LeBron is not.

  • We have game, you know, like LeBron knows that it's that game recognize game, that this is not the same old Kyrie.

  • This is not the same old hardened we've seen in the past.

  • We know Harden could play point guard, but a lot of times it was same thing with Kyrie dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble.

  • When they can't find their own shot to get it to their they get it to a teammate.

  • But that's because they've never played with another dude like them.

  • And now they're playing with two others.

  • And the questions not Durant.

  • We know Durant's impossible.

  • We know that the question was, how are these two going to coexist in the same backcourt and what they've shown is because game recognize game.

  • They are willing to do what it takes to play unselfishly, to sacrifice touches, to sacrifice shots, to give up responsibility because they trust their teammate in a way they never have.

  • That's the message.

  • Max Kyrie looks the same as he looked in Cleveland, LeBron was handling the ball, Kyrie was off the ball.

  • Kyrie was a scoring machine.

  • Kyrie and Kyrie was a scoring machine, putting up buckets big time but deferred to some degree toe.

  • LeBron James.

  • And what LeBron James and Tyler, who wanted to do now James Harden is a little bit different, but Kyrie Irvin is doing what he did in Cleveland.

  • He didn't do it in Boston, but he did do it in Cleveland when they want to chip to an extent because he was on.

  • He was a young guy on the way up who never won before, and he was playing with a player who people are arguing is the greatest of all time, and even then, we're starting to talk about Is he rival after the after the win against the Warriors at Oracle in 2016?

  • Is he rivaling Michael Jordan?

  • That's when Kyrie played with him as a young player.

  • That's entirely different than since then, forcing his way out of town, not really being able to get along with others on the court in Boston because he played with good players but not great ones.

  • And now showing up at this point and sharing a backcourt with Harden.

  • That's a long story.

  • You're wrong.

  • The only difference between Kyrie now and Kyrie then, is that Kyrie did it begrudgingly in Cleveland.

  • Now he's happy because he's with a team that he wants the team with in Kevin Durant and James Harden.

  • He didn't want to be there with LeBron.

  • He wants to be here in Brooklyn with Cairo with K D and car and then Harden.

  • That's the only difference.

  • But the game is similar.

and the message they sent toe.

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What message did Kyrie Irving and James Harden send to LeBron? | First Take

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