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  • again.

  • I wanna show you guys the contract numbers of these guys.

  • Kazakh, especially Blakes.

  • Deal now, the second year there is an option year, but we, of course, expect him to pick it up.

  • Is this even a tradable contract for Blake Griffin and or even under drumming this Are they gonna be able to find a trade partner with that amount of money?

  • We've learned that any any contract, any player is tradable.

  • I think the Pistons, they're gonna have a really hard time trading Blake Andre with one year left on his deal is pretty eminently treatable.

  • But that said, it's a big number, like the Raptors rumors that came out yesterday.

  • I have news for you.

  • The Raptors can't make that trade without trading one of their core players.

  • Probably Norm Powell or something would have to be in the trade.

  • Norm Powell might be just straight up as good or better than Andre Drummond.

  • They're not doing that trade, so just the sheer math makes it very difficult for both players.

  • But Andre that one year that one extra year Blake has make it makes a huge difference.

  • Yeah, I don't know.

  • I'm interested to see what happens there because, yes, every contract is tradable.

  • In theory, we saw Westbrook and John Wall go for each other, but that number for Blake Griffin at this point in his career, it's I I think that is going to be very difficult, so we'll see what happens there.

  • Let's move on because, well, it also reports Anthony Davis will be re evaluated in 2 to 3 weeks after sustaining a calf strain on Sunday.

  • A D also reportedly reaggravated the Achilles tendon.

  • Oh sis, there, Hey!

  • Is unlikely to return to the lineup prior to the All Star break.

  • So woe saying the Marie revealed the injury but did not show a rupture of the tendon.

  • Let's take a look here, Zach at the Lakers upcoming schedule.

  • What does AIDS absence mean for the team?

  • Yeah, uh, if he's healthy for the playoffs, nothing.

  • Because that's all that matters.

  • For the Lakers, the receding doesn't matter.

  • If they have LeBron and they're healthy and they have a D, they're going to be fine.

  • This team just won a championship, playing in a bubble in front of zero fans that can win without home court.

  • That said, these are valuable minutes for Kyle Kuzma, who's playing probably the best basketball of his career.

  • Absolutely explosive Cutter finished on the break, and these are important minutes for other guys to get a chance to step up like tail.

  • Important, Tucker gets a chance to prove.

  • Yeah, I'm part of the playoff rotation.

  • Caruso will get more minutes.

  • Everybody will get more minutes, but really as long as they D is healthy and 100% in the playoffs, this is a blip on the radar.

  • It doesn't mean anything.

  • I don't even think it really matters for LeBron's MVP case.

  • It's not going to swing on how the Lakers play in these next couple of weeks without a D.

  • It's just a matter of his health.

  • They get to the playoffs intact.

  • It's fine, Zach, you do know something about basketball?

  • Don't you know?

  • I completely agreed for the Lakers, it's not about seating for them.

  • They they're not one of those teams, like they said were pressing for home court advantage.

  • We need to win as many games, you know, no lo management.

  • This is a perfect time for a D toe.

  • Get this injury right for these other players toe get put in the roads.

  • They're not normally put into gain some confidence because these air players you're gonna need down the road.

  • So it's almost you don't want a player to be heard almost like a blessing in disguise.

  • Because now you could give some guys, um, minutes moving forward that you wouldn't probably know give a lot of minutes and so a za longest a D is healthy for the playoffs.

  • I'll hey, I even say, take one take even two months off.

  • Come back the last three weeks of the regular season.

  • If the if the Lakers are six or seven seed, nobody is better against the Lakers.

  • I get that.

  • Although, Paul, what extra pressure does this put on LeBron James?

  • It's pretty clear he would like to win M V p this year, the amount of minutes, the amount of games he's playing and now there is gonna be extra pressure on him.

  • And where they end up in the standings does affect the M V P balloting, doesn't it?

  • Well, absolutely.

  • I mean, LeBron is having a spectacular season and, uh, moving forward.

  • It does put a lot more pressure on him to carry the load, Uh, more so than not having a Anthony Davis.

  • That's a glaring hole in the middle.

  • And now you're acting LeBron to continue what he's already doing, but probably play even more minutes and even put up even bigger numbers.

  • I'm not sure you want that from your superstar aging player.

  • You know, at this point in his career moving forward, they're gonna have to look at at some point in the season, giving this guy some rest because the most important thing for LeBron Yeah, he wants to probably win M v P.

  • But he also wants to win another championship, too.

  • And that means being arrested and healthy for the playoffs.

  • Yeah, the Lakers should not increase LeBron's minutes.

  • Just keep them right where they are.

  • If you take a couple of extra losses, who cares?

  • And the Lakers Air 21 7, it's not like they're gonna go.

  • Oh, and eight without Anthony Davis, they'll muddle along.

  • They'll be fine.

  • Their win loss record is going to be just fine for LeBron's NBP case, and I think more than any candidate, maybe an MBA history.

  • LeBron's MVP case is going to transcend these normal criteria that we use in terms of standing and plus minus.

  • It's not going to be about any of those things for voters.

  • When it comes to LeBron.

  • All right, we will watch and Anthony Davis and wish him a speedy recovery.

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